The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Just saw Denzel and Fuqua’s “Magnificent 7.” Enjoyable, (do I really need to describe the plot?  I thought not)  but my major issue is that they neglected a major part of the original film: the sense that the town is in a natural state, the bandits disrupt that state, and the Samurai/gunslingers restore the balance. It needed a lull, a five-minute sequence of celebration, feasting, laughing, square-dancing, a touch of romance: the natural flow of a decent hard-working people, Paradise Lost for the men of violence who can press their noses against the window, but never ever actually enjoy. Perhaps one of them, the youngest and least corrupted, can put aside his weapon, bond with a woman of the rescued tribe, and find peace. But for the others: remember the final line:

“The villagers are the real winners,” quoth the old gunfighter. “We lost. We always lose.” Absent that, you have a good action movie, but the philosophical subtext is gone. I’ll give it a solid B, but can’t go further than that.

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