Never Give Up, Never Surrender


Monday is Love Yourself day


When Nicki was a little girl, I would put her in front of a mirror, have her stare in her reflection’s eyes and say: “I like myself.  I LIKE myself!”  It was difficult at first, but once she got the hang of it, she was giggling and laughing.


We all take damage as we pass through life: have disappointments and disasters and betrayals.  We internalize a lot of negative images, and our doubt about the integrity and intentions of others wears away at our self-concept.   Our sense of self must be constantly repaired and renewed.


After a disastrous love relationship some years back, my own inner peace was shattered. Meditation felt like pumping out a basement filled with sewage, with more sewage seeping up through the floor so that no matter how much I pumped and cleared, there was always more there the next day. It was utterly disheartening…but I never quit.


Why?  Faith.  And love.  I loved myself enough to believe that, at the core of me, there was something precious and perfect, gem-like, and that all else was illusion.


If I believe in God, and I do…and that eternal force made the universe, then I am made of the substance of that divinity.  Even if I didn’t, I can think of no reason not to hold that I am made of the same stuff as the stars, and need bow my head to no one who has ever walked this world.


When you love yourself, you will do what is necessary to deal with stress.

You will clarify and hold onto your dreams

You will leave disempowering relationships

You will demand and seek the very best from yourself.

You will maintain the kind of faith in yourself you would have for a newborn child

You will BEGIN your day with the sense of peace and joy most believe they can only have at the end


Love is all you have ever sought in life.   With it, a hovel is a palace. Without it, a palace is a hovel.


Begin with love.  Methods?  Visualize the child in your heart. Feel your heart. Write a letter to that child, or from her.

And here are more:


Please use them.  Never give up. Never surrender.  Oops!  Having a little “Galaxy Quest” flashback there…


But what the heck: truth is truth, no matter where you find it.





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