You really think humans are bad?


Wednesday is: Understand human history Day


And that means developing a model of the world that allows you to see the flow of human existence without guilt, blame, or shame.  Ah, yes, there is corruption, terror, violence. But if you don’t also see the beauty, discovery and kindness, the problem is in your eyes, not in the world as it is.   You don’t understand nature, and somehow believe that if human beings cannot be higher than angels, they must be lower than mud.  

First love yourself, understanding that you’ve done the best you could with the tools and resources you had. This gives you the courage to see the non-optimal behaviors and new options, and to resolve to do better.

Then, love one other person.  To extend your own humanity to them means seeing the world through the eyes of another.


Then, understand history, existence, and life itself.  To grasp the fear and need that have driven most actions, that we are both animals and spiritual essence, is a door to wisdom.  If you are one of those who think human beings are unique in cruelty, apparently you’ve never owned a cat.  And if your answer is that cats only torture mice and lizards “not their own kind” then I don’t think you’ve studied nature itself.   


Disabuse yourself of that notion.  Banish the self-loathing and contempt for what your fellow human beings have done.  We’re the worst?  Not even close.  Unless I’m reading the stats wrong, human murder is about 2% of our fatalities.  Among Ethiopian Wolves, that’s 10%.  And they’re in the MIDDLE of the murder pack.


Open your eyes.   We’re not bad at all.

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