Today is “Find Your Tribe” day!

Thursday is Find Your Tribe Day.


Even if your ambitions are modest, every dollar you ever earn will be given by another human being.   You MUST understand their needs, hopes, and desires to be able to communicate with them, find what you have of value, refine it, and offer it to those hungriest for the meal you’re cooking.   1000 people willing to invest 50 dollars a year will support most people very nicely.  Facebook allows you to have 5000 friends: do the math.

But you must provide honest value, friendship, support.  Something REAL.  And this is the POINT of the first three steps: Love Yourself.  Love another.  Understand humanity.   Which requires and leads to you healing yourself,  learning how to love, deepening your understanding of the world, you will develop a unique point of view.



YOU DON’T NEED EVERYONE TO AGREE WITH YOU.  You need only find those who already see the world you see, or are awakening to its reality.  And then speak truth to them, a truth you cultivate daily.


That might be 1% of the population. But in America, that’s three million people.  .1%? Three hundred thousand.   .01%? Thirty  thousand.


Do you really think you are so different that not .0003% of the population can empathize with you?  If so, you are lying to yourself. You are so enmeshed in your pain and fear and loneliness to grasp that everyone hurts, fears, and feels alone.  


The only question is: what are you going to do with your loneliness and fear?

Go deeper.  Join the world.   Dare to open your eyes more widely, and share the truth you see.

I’ve lost friends because I refuse to demonize either white or black people.  Refuse to close my ears to the cries of the frightened and lonely.   Refuse to allow manipulators to hide their intentions behind politicized 
labels, or demonize the damaged.  So be it.   Anyone who wants me to do any of those things is simply not my tribe.


I believe we are all one, all contain all potentials for both good or evil, and that most of what we are depends on how we were conditioned to seek pleasure and pain, our beliefs about what we can or cannot achieve in life, what we believe society thinks about us, and how we are taught to navigate our reality maps. So far, I see no broad swath of human actions, no matter how positive or negative, that does not rest in universal tendencies.  Until someone points out one that cannot be thus explained, I refuse to accept “they’re essentially different” as an answer.

If you believe this is the answer behind our social ills, my position is that you are asleep. That is fine: I have no interest in waking you up until you are ready.  Rest well.


A tiny percentage of people, say .1%, are what I call Smiling Monsters.  Not just asleep and having a nightmare that makes them combative, but one who actively seeks chaos.

And you know what?  Just between us, I think that even most of THESE are merely dealing with deep programming that warps their pleasure and pain sensors, their love and fear sensors, see and experience a world so twisted from reality that they simply cannot be reasoned with under ordinary circumstances.  But…I hold the faith that given sufficient wisdom and love even THOSE could be reached.  I may not have the wisdom and love to reach them, but that is my failing, ultimately.  I ask God to give me a heart so strong.   But also remember that they will try to hurt me, out of their fear and confusion, and so must know to defend myself.  I’m ready, but know that if I ever have to do that again in this life, I have failed. There is no righteous joy in hurting another human being.  EVER.


Find your tribe.  Love them with all your heart, as you love yourself. And your world will change.

Find your tribe.  Love them with all your heart, as you love yourself. And your world will change.






This Saturday, we’re conducting the first REVOLUTIONARY WRITING class, designed to teach the way to express a social viewpoint in entertaining works of fiction.  It isn’t for everyone, but there are no limits on politics, for instance: Libertarians who believe the world would be better if Government kept the @#$$ out of our affairs have written novels expressing their perspective, as have Communists.   Racists as well as BLM activists, Liberals and Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, Sexists and Women’s Rights advocates, Gay Rights supporters and Homophobes.


The fact is that I don’t care about your politics so much as your philosophies.  And I don’t care about your philosophies as much as your actions: are you kind? Honest?  Try to be useful to the world?


 A democracy cannot survive if people are incapable of expressing their honest opinions.  That said, those opinions should optimally be expressed peacefully and honestly, with compassion for all, and a desire for justice rather than personal gain at the expense of others.

The arena of art is one such battleground, a way to create worlds that express your beliefs about “what is true?” and “who are we?”  And as I’ve spent my entire life in this arena, it is hardly surprising if I consider it to be a critical one.

Join us, won’t you?


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