The Path to Magic…in 100 Days

Friday is SUCCESS day


That’s right: if you love yourself, expand “self” to include another, understand human history without guilt, blame, or shame, and find your tribe, it is time to express yourself to the maximum amount of joy in your life.


Personally, I believe everyone wants bountiful health and fitness, ecstatic love and passion, and to have so much money you never have to deny yourself anything you really need/want on the basis of finances.  But how to achieve these things?


The wonderful THINK AND GROW RICH has thousands of ideas about this, and a lifetime of study wouldn’t get you to the end of it.  The M.A.G.I.C. formula (Magic  equals Action times Gratitude times Intention times Conviction)  is my humble attempt to boil this and its companion teachings down into a simple form. Not “complete” or “infallable”–nothing can promise you that.  But damned good, and when practiced regularly, DAILY in the form of the “Morning Ritual” will bring you success and luck in unexpected ways. It is the Arthur C. Clarke definition of magic: a sufficiently advanced technology.


The trick is found in the ancient addage: “a watched pot never boils”.  Reverse that: “the pot will boil over while you aren’t watching it.”


Or, the thing you are dreaming of will happen when your attention is on something else.  Whether this is literally true, or just FEELS that way, any technique that utilizes this principle will either increase your “luck” or help keep you from going insane from anxiety.  


So lets say that “luck” happens in your peripheral vision, while “action” is happening in your direct, or foveal vision.  Or to put it another way, you have to design your days so that you are doing, every day, all you can do to move your goals forward, such that if you had 100 such perfect days in a row, you would reach your initial goal.


There are other iterations of this: 30-day goals, 1000-day goals, etc.  But 100 days is a nice number, and long enough for that “magic” to appear IF YOU DO YOUR PART.


  1. Create goals in all four major categories.  I say these categories are body, emotions, career, finances.   If I got all I needed in these, I think I’ve got a foundation to create anything else. But love without health, or career success while going broke, or financial success while lonely are not desirable combinations.  
  2. Define 100 day goals.  In 100 days, you can implant a new savings goal (save 10% of your income, check your Mint numbers daily), new physical goal (daily yoga and walking, Intermittent Fasting), emotional goal (self-love through heartbeat meditation or Ancient Child daily work, internal alignment through Morning Ritual, etc.) and career goal (one daily page of writing, an hour of marketing study, etc.)
  3. Check: IF you did these things every day, would you in 100 days be happy with your progress?  Yes?   Is there any rational reason you cannot do them?  Choose carefully, and you can do all of these basics in an hour a day total.  Reduce the work load until you have an amount you know you CAN do.  Whether you will or not…is another matter of course.
  4. Begin to do your daily work.  I suggest that the Daily Ritual be used, as it combines goal setting, emotional work, and physical work all in the same package.  Huge “bang for your buck”.   Just doing this for 100 days will create “Magic”: the conscious attention is on just doing this one thing for 10-20 minutes.  The unconscious will begin to create the circumstances that will make it happen.
  5. Watch your resistance rise up!  Every demon in your life, every distraction in your environment, will try to stop you.  COUNT ON IT.   Double down on your gratitude and conviction that you CAN and SHOULD do these 100 days.


I’ll bet you a dollar that if you do this, for 100 days, something unexpected and delightful will happen.  You wil accomplish with joy and ease, finish that project, learn new things about yourself. But…you will also get calls from people you’ve not heard from in years, offering support and opportunity.  Find lost resources, remember old insights, produce new creative breakthroughs.   “Luck” will begin to increase.


When it happens, notice it but do NOT dwell upon it. You will also get “more attractive” to people.  Will receive temptations to stop and party.   You must NOT fall victim to them.  You will probably be offered money, sex, or other treats out of alignment with your morals and values.


Do NOT fall prey to them.   They are the result of “siddhis”, powers developed as you progress.  Temptations that indicate you are progressing.  Step “off the path” to pursue them and they will immediately evaporate. Fool’s Gold.  Stay on the path. Create your dreams.


And when people ask you how you did it?  Draw them close and whisper in their ear:   “First…love yourself.”





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