The deepest reality is love


Monday is LOVE YOURSELF day


Selfishness is only a problem if your definition of “Self” stops at your skin.  Most people who try to tell you different are trying to get you on-board with THEIR agenda. In other words: “Don’t be selfish.  If you are, it will be harder to manipulate you into doing what I want.”


The trick is that you have to go into your core, connect your sense of love and worth and protectiveness with your essence until you don’t “need” other people’s approval to feel complete.   All you NEED is to connect to your deepest Self–which is indistinguishable from the Divine, the Universal Force, the Truth…however you choose to express it.


All that is necessary to never, ever be intimidated by another human being again is to give up all need for others to be intimidated by you.   That sense of self-pride, self-love, self-worth is NEVER at the expense of others.  Every moment you spend worrying about how someone else is doing is a moment you are not connected to your own essence.


The “Flow” is the state you must enter to achieve true excellence, access to your deepest being. In this state, you are “doing” but not always aware of “doing” in the precise way that, as you enter orgasm, you are no longer “observing” yourself having sex, but simply part of a larger, deeper energetic coupling.  Name and job and external life circumstances, all labels and politics and identity factors melt away, and you and the beloved simply “are.”   This is the same phenomenon that exists in art and intellectual activities of all kinds.


While this is usually found between yourself and an external factor (a lover, a book, driving on the freeway) it is also available in the inner world.


The reality is love, and connection.  All fear, all pain, all anger, hate, sense of loss or lack is produced by the illusions that separate us from this love and connection.


All you have ever wanted in your life is to be happy.  Feel loved and connected.  When we BEGIN our days with this sense, we are giving ourselves the greatest gift imaginable. The illusion is that be must motivate ourselves with pain and fear. True, these are powerful motivations, but not the only ones, by any means.   


The Morning Ritual taught in Firedance Tai Chi is designed to anchor this sense of love and connection DEEP into your neurology, start every day with peace and passion, and in thirty days you can see the truth of what I’m saying for yourself.  Our next workshop is November 5th in Los Angeles, and we want to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in an all-day transformative experience.  If you are traveling from a distance, let us know, and we’ll try to work with you on finances–while I love making money, this isn’t ABOUT money.  It is about nurturing one million awake, aware, adult human beings on this planet.


Please, join us!



Steven Barnes


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