How Do You Know What You Know?

If the two most important questions are “Who am I?” and “What is True?” then the next would have to be “how do you know what you know?”  If you are the kind of person who wants to know, wants to base your decisions about life based on the most accurate judgements of the world you can, PLEASE read the following.

I assume that the apparatus for determining this is built into us: there would be no evolutionary advantage to building inaccurate views of reality.  So I look at what we’re given at birth: a few basic reactions and instincts upon which the rest of our perceptions and evaluations are based across a lifetime.

And most basic are our senses: babies evaluate the world with touch, taste, smell, sound, smell.   What is increasingly true is that the modern world enables us to APPARENTLY navigate the world within a web of illusion: computer screen, book pages, digital games. The physics can be convincing, the visuals spectacular, the information flow overwhelming…but it isn’t the same as dealing directly with reality.

One way to cut through this is a daily physical discipline. Your body doesn’t lie as promiscuously as your vision, let alone your mental constructs, which can have NOTHING to do with reality, but still seem quite convincing.

This is where the Morning Ritual shines. By creating a physical practice which connects mind, body, and emotions is a core value in the Yogic and Martial disciplines.


  1. If you have never had the time to explore them, but feel they would be of value…
  2. If you HAVE explored them, and seek to connect your physical and mental/emotional aspects more deeply…
  3. If you have wished to develop a daily practice that connects every aspect of your life so that you can see, day to day, how you are progressing on the larger map of life…
  4. Or if you’ve just wanted to see if Tai Chi Chuan is an art you would enjoy…
  5. Or if you are deviled by stress, and want a simple daily practice to master it forever…


Then please come to the November 5th FIREDANCE TAI CHI WORKSHOP.  You’ll get a 30 day program to see for yourself if you can be more alive, more aware, more in control of your life.  If after 30 days you don’t feel I’ve delivered everything I promise and more, your money will be happily refunded.  Heck, if after the first three hours you don’t agree you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth, we’ll be happy to give you back your money.

You have nothing at all to lose, and so much to gain!  Go to WWW.FIREDANCETAICHI.COM and see for yourself if spending a day to change your life is the kind of investment in yourself that warms your heart.

See you on the 5th!


Yours in flow,








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