The Best Talk I Ever Gave?

About a month ago I was on the “No More Excuses” cruise to the Caribbean.  This was a week before T and I were going to launch our “Revolutionary Writing” class, but after meeting the people there, we realized that this was our tribe.   Serious, talented writers with energy, aliveness, awareness and a wish to contribute to the human conversation.   THESE were our “Avatars”–the people who would be most receptive to the message and value of our course. So we pushed the launch back a week, so that we could just listen and learn and see what we could do to support these folks, whether or not they wanted to join our class.  

I had the honor of presenting the final lecture of the cruise, on the subject “Sociobiology and World Building (or: why I hate @#$$ zebras!).”   This followed the lecture Tananarive gave on Characterization (I believe), which meant we got the last three hours of programming for the entire week.  Heady responsibility.  I took it dead seriously, and gave a 90-minute talk that was VERY well received.  

Remember I said to “understand human history without guilt, blame, or shame”?   Well, I talk a lot about my attitudes, but the real point is NOT for you to accept MY view of things. It is to encourage you to have a view of life as solid and stable as mine, one you are prepared to defend, that helps you understand the two major philosophical questions: “Who Am I?” and “What Is True?”

When I give a talk like this, to a group I feel this sympatico with, my attitude is that this is the very last talk I’ll ever give.   This is it.  And try to hold nothing back.  I don’t often hit the mark and actually accomplish what I was aiming at…but this time I came pretty close.

Just last night I remembered that I’d recorded it on my phone, and uploaded it to Dropbox, which has a very cool function that allows you to share files.

I used to sell talks like this, but wanted to give this away to anyone who wants to participate in the unfolding of our wonderful world.  I hope you find it to be of value, and please feel free to share (with attribution)   if you do.



(p.s.–the FIREDANCE TAI CHI class is still registering students. It is an experiment in combining my beloved Wu Style Tai Chi with the Lifewriting theory of mastering your life.   It will be held November 5th in Van Nuys California.  All levels of skill or fitness welcome.  To learn more please go to


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