Message to an old friend

I had two friends from Kindergarten through high school: Howard Kokubun, and Lee Taylor.  Loved those guys.   Howard died in a motorcycle accident when he was in his 20s, and Lee died of cancer about 20 years ago.  Sigh.

Then about five years ago, Howard’s son reached out to me, wondering if I would do him the favor of talking to him about his dad.  I didn’t even know Howard had a son!  I was thrilled.

And three days ago, Lee’s son Jordan reached out to me. I remember him from when he was a boy, and Lee used to bring him to the house for Jiu Jitsu lessons.  He has kids of his own now, and wanted to know things about his dad, their grandfather.

I am so touched. I get to bring my old friend back to life, just a bit.   Remember how we met, and who he was, and how much we loved each other.  Lee was…well, he was my brother, and I miss him terribly.  I remember how I couldn’t get down to his funeral, because Portland was snowed in, and I almost died trying to drive through the storm.  

I tried, Lee, my old friend. And now…I’ll do what I can to answer any questions your son and grandchildren have.  So sorry you didn’t live to meet them.   But your line goes on, and your buddy Steve hasn’t forgotten you, and never will.


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