Creating Your Future

Last post on tomorrow’s FIREDANCE TAI CHI session.   The most important homework is what we call the “Future History”–your story from today until the day you die.  Many have done this as an obituary, of a eulogy.  But be sure to include all the most important goals you aim to achieve, in the arenas of body, career, emotions, and finances.  Be sure that these goals are YOUR goals, not those given to you by society or your parents in childhood.

YOU are the one who has to live the life, and die the death.  YOU are the one who must wake up every day and gather your courage, stoke the fires of your passion.  Only you.

Even if you aren’t coming to the workshop, you can use this exercise.   Be very sure that when you write it, you include the “M.A.G.I.C. Principles”:

Magic =

Action X

Gratitude X

Intention X


ACTION means the daily behaviors.  While “luck” is always a factor, most people have opportunity after opportunity, and instead of preparing themselves to grasp it, they whine and moan about the fact that people won’t help them.  What will YOU do every day to increase your value, define your market, convince others of your value, contribute to the world in ways that meet THEIR needs, (not yours!).   Children say “look at me!” Adults have to say “This is how I will make your life better.”  People wait until the wolf is at the door and then scream for help.   In calmer times, they distract themselves with trivialities rather than mend their fences and load their rifles, mocking those who suggest that THIS is the time to prepare.  Sigh. It is sad, and I’ve literally seen people go through this cycle for DECADES.   

GRATITUDE is the positive emotions you will need to access your best self, your creativity. Gratitude is the antidote for fear and anger.  You literally cannot hold both in your heart at the same time.   So in your “future history” be sure to include the love, success, and happiness that will give you gratitude in the future. And in your daily “Morning Ritual” be sure to focus on the positive things you have experienced in your life.  I promise they exist.  If you think they don’t, and can read these words, you are letting your ego blind you.  Ask yourself: if you lost your sight, your ability to read, your ability to access the internet, would you not be grateful to have them back?  WHY NOT FEEL THAT GRATITUDE NOW?   

INTENTION.   Clear goals may be the most important single determinant of success. And goals must be S.M.A.R.T.:  Specific, Meaningful to you, phrased As if currently happening, Realistic (if anyone else has ever achieved your goals starting from where you are, they are realistic. And I can promise you: no matter where you are, someone has done more with less.  You simply aren’t that unique) and Time-Bound.   “Goals are dreams with a deadline” is a favorite saying.  Another is “There are no unrealistic dreams. Just unrealistic time-frames.”

CONVICTION. You must believe that you CAN and SHOULD have the goal.  I know women afraid to lose weight for fear they will cheat on their husbands or attract predators.   Men afraid to earn money for fear that their friends and families will just steal from them.  People afraid to be happy and strong for fear that if they are, the next time they need help no one will believe them.  The consequences of such beliefs are horrendous, life-destroying.  The answer to all of these is to contact the true strength within you, which is fantastically more than your mere ego-shell could ever believe.   You can defend yourself, or survive the consequences of attack.  You can learn to differentiate between predators and true friends. You can learn to say “no” without guilt.  You must believe that what you wish to achieve is good for you, and by taking care of yourself, you are providing a positive model to others: it is possible to succeed, be happy and healthy and loving and loved.  IT IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE.  If you are capable, it is your RESPONSIBILITY.

Want to change the world?  Then be the change you seek.  Show that we can protect our hearts, love and be loved, forgive ourselves and others without being weak, find companions to share with, and be a light for those who follow.

FIREDANCE TAI CHI is just taking these ideas and anchoring them into your body, creating a daily ritual to amplify these perceptions and emotions, to start EVERY day positively.  Do this for thirty days, and you’ll change your life.  

Try it.  Come to the workshop, or do these things at home, on your own. Thirty days.  

You’re worth it, I promise you. And the life you can create…is wondrous.




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