Want to help change the world?

We just recorded a fabulous video call  with Effie Brown, Hollywood producer par excellence, who is an Amazon queen when it comes to media representations. This is for our REVOLUTIONARY ART workshop, and we were SO thrilled with what she was saying.  You see, what she said is valuable to ANYONE who has a philosophy they would like to encode in their art…or wants to change the world…or just wants to understand how Hollywood really works. If you are a woman, a POC, a representative of any political point of view you would like to see expressed more fully, or just want to learn how to put your personal passions into your art, we want you to have access to this class.

So we’re going to make a very special offer.  As you know, we’re changing formats so that we can provide more value at a lower cost, can in fact make everything available to anyone with passion and purpose, even if they are close to broke.   Our new subscription model allows us to give you access to a vast catalog of past material, PLUS attend our live webinars!  The first three REVOLUTIONARY ART workshops are already on line, the community boards are ready, and we are lining up luminaries for our future classes…and instead of the $197.00 price tag we started with, we are willing to let you in for ONE DOLLAR.

That’s right.  The first month, during which you will have access to our past classes AND the live webinars, just a dollar. And only $27.00 a month after that.  We’re trusting you to give us a chance to show you who we are.  You’ll have access to hundreds of dollars of downloads, plus the online classes, plus the free webinars…all for that $1.00!

If you are already a member of LIFEWRITING PREMIUM, you are going to be grandfathered into our new site, don’t worry.  You’ll get all details in a few days.  But if you are not, and the REVOLUTIONARY ART class sounds like your dream, then go to  WWW.CREATETHENARRATIVE.COM and see what we have for you…and try it out for just $1.00.  We think you’ll stick around a lot longer, because this is the real thing.

See you next Saturday, November 12th!



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