The Five Fold Path, again

So many say: “I don’t know what to do. I am full of fear and anger.”
Understood. Please remember the “Five Fold Path” process. Man, I didn’t create this process for this purpose, but I might as well have.
1) First take care of yourself. Deal with the stress.
2) Connect to a primary partner, someone to love, commiserate, cry with, support, plan with. THIS IS YOUR PRIMARY MASTERMIND. And, ah…stress relief, if you know what I mean.
3) Grasp the fear underlying negative human behaviors, anger, and violence. Understanding does not mean accepting. It sure as hell doesn’t mean allowing them to hurt you.
4) Find your tribe, people who align with your goals and values. Agree on an ethical goal, and brainstorm ways to get there, daily actions to take. If you are not strong enough to protect yourself, include warriors in your tribe. Nurture them: they pay a price for standing against the darkness.
5) Fight the good fight. Succeed–so long as your goals are in alignment with the goal of a better nation for all, you proceed with honor, and act in accordance with your deepest values and not just your wounded ego or “needy, wounded, abandoned child”…go for it.




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