Are you using M.A.G.I.C.?

Especially at this moment in our nation, our world’s history, we need you to succeed. We talk about the process of creating your ideal world from many perspectives, but none are more powerful than the M.A.G.I.C. formula.
The question of DEPRESSION came up on the REVOLUTIONARY WRITING forum, a deadly serious concern that can hobble your capacity to enjoy life, and achieve goals. Let’s apply the M.A.G.I.C. formula to this specific issue. If the question is clinical, you want to have a physician in your wellness circle, to see if there are physical issues or prescription remedies that might apply. But even then, your behavior will have an impact.
So: here’s the formula: MAGIC = Action X Gratitude X Intentions X Conviction
Note that it is a multiplicative equation, not an additive one. This is critical to understand, and implies that if you have a “zero” in any category, the entire equation zeroes out. But if you can manage to get to a “1” in all categories, you are in the game and can begin moving forward. Just as there are negative spirals, there are positive ones as well.
ACTION is your daily behaviors. Depending on your goals, work backwards from their completion to create a plan of action. Can you accomplish your goal in a week? A month? A year? Three years? That’s about the limit to focus on, even if you have longer-term goals (such as a successful retirement in 30 years) in mind. Three years. About 1000 days. You can accomplish miracles in 1000 days of appropriate action. Work backwards to see what you’d need to do in one year. Six months. Three months. One month. One week. What do you need to do every day for the next seven days to be on track? Make the “bites” as small as possible. Then commit to doing it every day.
GRATITUDE. Gratitude is a cure for fear and anger. When you can find any positive thing that has EVER happened to you, and identify with it powerfully, you will gain the positive emotions: they are stored inside you, just as negative experiences are. I promise that I can identify with the kid I was in third grade who forgot his lines in the school play. Or when the first girl I ever asked to go steady passed me a note saying: “dear Steve. I wouldn’t go with you if you were the last dog on Earth.” Oh, yeah, that hurts. THE POSITIVE THINGS ARE THERE AS WELL, like books on a shelf waiting for you to take them down and read them. This is your work, as an adult: children can afford to let others push their buttons. Adults cannot. One of my most powerful ones is, frankly, thinking about my daughter Nicki. Any time I do, I smile. Find three things to be grateful for, and then modify their submodalities: brightness, speed, volume, color, depth, or whatever to “turn them up” until they are as powerful as possible. “Bathe” yourself in these emotions daily.
INTENTION. You must have clear goals (connected to Action, of course) or you will risk simply running in circles until you run out of gas. What precisely do you want to accomplish? And why do you want those goals? Be sure that you want them for YOUR reasons, not someone else’s. Be able to write them down. Give them a date of completion: “goals are dreams with a deadline”.
CONVICTION. You must believe that you CAN and SHOULD accomplish your goal, or you will sabotage yourself. The most powerful tool I know of for imprinting conviction is the Morning Ritual: 10-20 minutes every morning moving, speaking, and focusing on positive emotions, goals, actions. Just as negative talk and body language will drag you down, positive actions, focus and words will charge you like a battery. Try it for thirty days and see.
That “30 day” pattern is critical. Do anything for about a month, and you’ll gain the habit. Let yourself be supported, and support others during that month.

We want you to win. Right now, our country NEEDS you to win, and we will support you every way we can, but you have to reach out to us, and support others.
Be the hero in the adventure of your lifetime!


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