I’m a Rorschach

A couple of weeks ago, I had someone complain that I was “Obsessed with spirituality.” Just yesterday someone implied I “see everything through the lens of race.”   Others have claimed I’m obsessed with the intellect, with philosophy, with martial arts, with success, yada yada yada.

That’s fun.   

I’m a rorschach blot.   All complex living systems provide an infinite number of possible reflections.   A short and incomplete list of other lenses I use are: gender, philosophy, sex, martial arts, human archetypes, success,  consciousness, emotional connection, balance, art, writing, and reality map accuracy.    At least the core seven: survival, sex, power, emotion, communication, intellect, and spirit.  I rotate.   If it ties into one of those, I write about it.    There are some I spend more time on than others, measured by personal interest, or what people tell me they’re interested in, or the degree to which it seems my perspective is unique and needs expression.

And why do people react strongly?  Usually if they have an issue on the subject.  A wound.   Something unprocessed. A knot of fear will do it.  An abused woman will think you talk about sex all the time: because it hits that raw nerve.  A man afraid of his own power will think me obsessive about martial arts and the need to be strong.  A guy afraid of his own emotions will react if I say anger is really fear.   A jock will think me overly intellectual, and an intellectual think me overly physical.   Most specifically, someone committed to remaining asleep will object to any mention of waking up.

NO, I am absolutely NOT perfectly balanced between these positions. That’s not even my goal.  I DO have a goal of being balanced as a human being, but that is dynamic rather than static, and flows between them.  And no, I”m not perfectly balanced.  But I do try.

But the fastest way to tell me what YOU  are is by telling me what aspect of what I say hits your nerves.  The things that cause you pain.  There would be exceptions, of course: sometimes people can point things out that are really needed to be addressed.  I will keep my own council on such things unless you are better balanced in career, physicality and relationship.  All three.  Gets my instant attention.  Better in one or two, and I’ll listen carefully. But if you don’t have any of them?  

Well, everyone has an opinion. You try it your way, show me your results, and I’ll evaluate the accuracy of your reality map by your efficiency and effectiveness.  



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