What Three Things Can You Be Grateful For Today?

Think about them WHILE YOU ARE MOVING: Walking, yoga, dancing, rebounding. MOVE!

If not…while meditating on your heartbeat, really FEELING the emotions until you are crying or laughing…or both!


My top three:

  1. I’m so grateful for a strong, healthy body.
  2. I’m so grateful for the people who love me and trust me.   Jason, my wonderful Nicki, my beautiful brilliant wife Tananarive, my sister Joyce, my baby mama Toni…all my family and friends and students and partners.
  3. My most important mentors: Larry Niven and Steve Muhammad, but also Harlan Ellison and Cliff Stewart and Dawn Callan and Mrs. Elaine Otterness (my Junior high school English teacher!) and Sri Chinmoy…I have been so blessed!

I focus on these wonderful people and wonderful blessings.  If I know its going to be a challenging day, I intensify my physical motion (Tai Chi, martial arts [Six different phases: Silat, Kali, WAR, Parker Style Kenpo, BKF Kempo, and another exercise]) and intensify my visualizations until the emotions are ALIVE inside me.

If you have an appointment or will be interacting with others, also focus on what you can CONTRIBUTE to them.  How you will make their lives better.  Leave them feeling better when you walk away than they felt when you walked toward them.     What you GIVE will heal you more than what you GET once you understand the way the universe works.

That’s my recipe for Thanksgiving. Which banishes fear, anger, and other negative emotions. Which allows you to see the world clearly. Which leads to greater problem solving…and more to be grateful for.

What three things can YOU give thanks for, today and every day?



(and…Happy Tryptophan overdose day!)



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