Only Seventy-Two Hours Left!

Greetings!  We cannot wait to welcome you to our last session of the REVOLUTIONARY WRITING  module.  That’s this Saturday December 3rd at 3pm pst, where our guest will be writer   Daniel José Older, the New York Times bestselling author of the Bone Street Rumba urban fantasy series.  He is a former student of Tananarive, and I can’t wait to hear THAT conversation!

As you know the registration for this module will close Saturday at midnight (oh, all right, it might last until I get up Sunday morning) so if you have friends who you think would want to be a part, send them this email so that they can be a part of the Webinar “live”, although it will be online for later study.

While we stop taking new people until February, we’ll be working to take care of our current members: that means YOU.   Streamlining all processes.  Personal phone calls to selected members.  Special mailings, teleconferences, webinars.  And planning for what you need next.  YOU are this community, and we never want to forget it.

“Lifewriting” is the application of the Hero’s Journey to both writing and life. The “Revolutionary Writing” class is a specific adaptation of this idea to philosophical and political storytelling, especially the arena of “Social Justice”.  We will have other modules for our members: the next will be Screenwriting, some time after the holidays.  Others might be science fiction, horror, business and marketing…we want to provide a full toolbox, moving from live webinars and teleseminars to facilitated “mastermind” groups on the site.

Our intent is very clear: Changing and healing the world, using the power of storytelling.  The strategy is to create one million awake, aware, adult human beings.  The specific tactic is to support one thousand awake, aware, adult storytellers.  And the Lifewriting site is our method of choice to do this.

If this is NOT you, if you mock the idea of social justice, this is NOT for you.   But if you believe that communication is vital, and that the marketplace of ideas needs to thrive for our nation and world to prosper, that personal integrity in expression is intimately connected with the ability to heal and evolve our families, our communities, our nation and our world…Please take a look.  

For the next 72 hours, you can sample everything we have for only ONE DOLLAR.  Poke around for a month, and if you don’t agree that this is for you, cancel with no hard feelings.

If you are already a member, and haven’t gone onto the site and introduced yourself in the Forum section, please do so!  Make comments.  Once we’re finished with this first class, we have so many things we want to implement:

–new downloads monthly.  Lifewriting has thousands of dollars of backlogged products, and I want to provide ALL of it to our group, free of charge!

–member “spotlights” where we teleconference and speak life and art as applied to individual concerns

–New   information every week.

–new interviews and insights.

–contests and “hotseat” sessions for your writing.

This is a community, and communities grow when you reach out to each other.   Please take the time today to introduce yourself, be sure you can sign on to the Revolutionary Writing group, and let us know if you have any problems at all.  If you do, we’ll bend over backwards to fix it!

Write With Passion!



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