The Power of Story in Life

I recently sat a friend down who was concerned about career issues. Specifically, money.  I could have talked about marketing, which is the source of money-making.   Or the Five-Fold Path,  which is a powerful source of motivations and support for the journey to excellence and success.   Or “The Machine” which, adapted to career enhancement, lays out a definite path of action.  Or the “MAGIC Formula,” which is always a dynamic  place to start:

Magic = Action (daily) X Gratitude X Intention (Goals) X Conviction (faith).  Why?  Because “broken links” here show up most glaringly, and I know that without all four chunks, everything falls apart.    And ALL the links were broken.   As I suspected, my friend knew what he DIDN’T want, but not; what he wanted.   Had no faith, and was feeling depressed.   Focus in on what he wanted, and the vaguer he got.  He could discuss feelings, the urge to contribute and be appreciated, the need to make “more money” than he was currently earning.  

But no pathway at all.

So I needed a place to start.  If he will take this first step, it can open the door to everything needed to do and be to reach happiness.   What I said was to write it down.  WRITE DOWN WHAT HE WANTS.    If he does this, it will automatically make things easier.   

Once he writes his goals down, one of the most powerful exercises in the entire Lifewriting system is the “Future History”.  This is your Life Story, from today until the day you die. Everything you want to be, and have, and do.  It is often written in the form of a eulogy, or an obituary.  Take it all the way to the moment of death.    Now re-write with the Hero’s Journey in mind.  Let’s take this just one piece at a time.

  1. HERO CONFRONTED WITH A CHALLENGE. The primary challenges that must be overcome to reach your goals. In a good story, the “external” challenge is mirrored by an “internal” challenge.  We must grow in order to achieve.  There is often a difference between what a character “wants” and what they “need.”  Remember what Mick Jagger said.  The inner and outer journeys always mirror each other.  In any good story, both exist.   And in any life, you CANNOT change your external circumstances without changing your INTERNAL representations.  Just cannot.

The “external” is “what is true?”  But the internal is “who am I?”  If you see yourself as the person who can accomplish your goals, ARE YOU DOING THE THINGS SUCH A PERSON DOES?

If not, you aren’t that person. And will need to become that person to succeed.  That’s your challenge: to clarify what you want, and see if you are willing to do the things people do to achieve that goal.  If you aren’t, no sin.  You can choose another goal.

But be CLEAR on what you want.    All else flows from this. I know some people who just “zen” their way to success.  To a level. In other words, they are simply doing things that are already within their competency. But when they want to jump a level? It takes goals.  Focus.  Drive.  Planning.  Emotional control.  Allies. The “Hero’s Journey” taken to a personal level.

I would suggest a clear goal in each of the core areas: money, fitness/health, love, and career.  The clearer the better. A great way to do this is to imagine your perfect mate, with ZERO compromises. Not what you think you can get, but what you drool over.   Your secret fantasy.  This is for you and you alone, not to be shared with anyone.  What is the level of beauty, power, emotional health, success, wealth, personal integrity, sensuality of this person?


Now…ask what that person is looking for.  IF YOU HAVE BEEN HONEST, what you describe is likely to be your own secret wish. What you’d really like to be.  All you need to do it take all rational actions to move in that direction, and you are self-actualizing.    You are “Becoming”, and “Becoming” always releases energy as your illusions are burned away.

Start with the goal. Be specific, even if it is frightening. This is the first step, if you want to be the Hero in the adventure of your own lifetime.








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