Everything connected to everything

Friday is “Success” day, a time for looking into our goals and the means to their accomplishment.  As I said a couple of days ago, the FIRST thing to do is to actually HAVE goals.  WRITE THEM DOWN.  This is a half-way point between a dream and an accomplishment.  Just this step allows you to define the territory.

As a kid, I had three goals:

  1. A writing career
  2. Martial arts expertise
  3. A family to love.

That was it.  Mind/career (writing), body (martial arts expertise) and my emotions (family).  Dan Moran convinced me that I’d needed a fourth: financial security.  Damn, I missed that one.   Made a ton  of money, but never held onto it.  

Now look at “the Machine” applied to each one.

Writing: a story a month/week.

Martial Arts: Three classes a week

Emotions: Daily Heartbeat Meditation

And the “Minimum step”, the absolute least I can do every day that keeps me on my path?

  1. One sentence written a day/one page read a day
  2. Tai Chi/Joint mobility daily
  3. “Five Minute Miracle”–one minute deep breathing every three hours, while feeling my heartbeat and visualizing my goals.
  4. Every week transfer at least 1% of what’s in my checking account into my retirement account.

How do I motivate myself?  Each of the three is connected to the other two.   “Psychotensegrity” so to speak.   Writing teaches me honest expression, makes money to support my family and creates “tribe”, enables me to have the time I need to practice MA.  Martial Arts gives me energy and integrity, as well as grounding philosophical notions into reflexive action.  And meditation gives me energy and clarity to put into my relationships, writing, and motion.  Money gives me the security I need to move out of the “stress tunnel” and see the options most in alignment with my deep values.

Everything connected to everything else.  

EXERCISE: Define your most important three-four arenas.  Gain clarity on how each of them supports all of the others.




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