Finding your tribe

Your “tribe” are the people who share your values, and to a certain degree, your experiences and intents.  You will find your friends, lovers, and mastermind partners within your tribe.  They should be the only people who can insult you with words, as the term “insult” included the concept of damage.   Why should you care about the opinions of people who do not share your values?

The clearer your values, and the more courageously you live them, the easier it will be to find others of your tribe. You may be lonely for a while as you move from one level of clarity to another, but trust me: if you are honestly in touch with your essence, there are many, many others who are on your wavelength.   Fantasies are of infinite complexity, but reality is really rather simple.

Among other things, my tribe consists of people who have or value the following qualities:

–Love themselves, and extend that love to others.

–Believe in the equality of humankind, without weasel words: no group defined by race or ethnicity is of greater worth or capacity than another.

–Realize that someone can disagree with them without being stupid or dishonorable.

–Sees that anger is a mask over fear, that attacks are defenses, and that the inability to express yourself without rancor, obscenity or attempted insult is a sign that you feel exposed and vulnerable.

–Prizes courtesy

–Knows what they would die for, and therefore what they will live for.

–Grants to others the primacy of their experience in their own lives, and understands the difference between “outsider” and “insider” perceptions, language, and actions

–Can grant that there are certain philosophical positions that cannot be resolved with debate, such that we must find ways to live together even though we will never agree completely.

–Believes that a life balanced between love, physical integrity and career success is an excellent measure of overall health and efficiency.

–Believes that the meaning of life is to be happy.

Those are some of the characteristics of my Tribe.  Others are welcome to belong to other tribes, and I wish them life and love.   If you are not of my tribe, you cannot insult me.  If you are not of greater accomplishment in my chosen measures of balance I will not place your opinions above my own without the clearest, most powerful and persuasive arguments imaginable. At the least, you are on a different path.

At worst, you are lost yourself, and merely wish me to keep you company as you wander in the woods.




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