The Voices In Our Heads


Friday is success day.   My definition of this is: “my feet firmly on the Path” and the Path is one of progressive deepening of my experience of life, expression of vitality, giving to my Tribe, being honest, effective, and kind.  Progressive.


But there are other wonderful definitions: “the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal”  or Harlan Ellison’s “to bring into existence, in adult terms, your childhood dreams.”


The route that seems most in alignment with my goals can be expressed as acting every day in alignment with both my childhood dreams and “elder” deathbed values.  That one hits the spot.


Because I can ALWAYS take an action toward my goals, if I define them deeply enough.  I don’t believe a day passes in any human life that it is not possible for a conscious mind to take a step toward its goals, its destiny. And in that there is joy.


What stops us?  Limiting beliefs, tangled values, confused or “surface” goals, and most definitely the voices in your head.    My attention was pulled to something I posted on this in 2006:

“A couple of times I’ve talked about “The Piering Principle” which is, basically, that if you want to maximize your chances for success in life, you need to do two things:

1) Have well defined, WRITTEN goals, and plans for their accomplishment and

2) The ability to take action, despite the voices in your head.


Let’s get that just a little more precise: well defined goals in all three arenas of life would give clarity on principle #1, and understanding the nature of the voices in your head is vital.


Let’s call them “The Radio Voice.” This voice has certain characteristics:

1) It keeps on playing of its own accord.

2) It is so close to you that you don’t know it exists. It is so much a part of you that you do not even recognize it as being separate from you.

3) You listen to its advice which is often false.

4) You believe the radio is actually you when it is just a radio.


There are many, many reasons to meditate, but one of the very best is to find the difference between “you” and the “voice.” When you do that, you will come closer to your original, basic, powerful self…”



I met Tim Piering at a transformational event in the Bay area, the “est Program’s” Six-Day experience (really great, unfortunately no longer in existence).  They had a ropes course where you had the chance to experience commitment, fear, and trust all in a nice neat little physical experience involving height and fear of falling.   It was facilitated by a support team that handled the safety ropes as people stood atop poles, leaped for trapezes off a cliff, and other fun antics.


That support team worked HARD.  It was exhausting work, and why I would drive from L.A. to S.F. to do this all day for free (all the support staff were graduates of the program) is a little hard to explain.  By mid-afternoon we were all exhausted…except for one guy, who was running back and forth like a kid, making a game of the whole thing, face filled with joy as he worked the safety ropes endlessly.  There was such a contrast between him and everyone else that I HAD to know who he was, and found out: his name was Tim Piering.  He was an engineer, real-estate millionaire, and martial arts expert with four black belts, married to his soulmate, and an avatar of joy and contribution.  Over the next years I got to know him better, and extracted from him his core attitude toward life, the thing he felt had made the greatest contribution to his existence.


It might well have been this “radio voice” concept, which is similar to the Hindu “Drunken Monkey” concept.   “You are not the voices in your head.  You are the one LISTENING to the voices.”  This single realization can change your life if you take it to its logical conclusion. The path is one of the Core Questions: “who is the listener?”


The one who listens is the one with infinite potential, the one who can manifest your dreams. If your voices are positive, identifying with them can be a very good thing.  If they are negative they can destroy your life. But identifying with the Listener is sublime. The external manifestation is the ability to work a grueling day and feel total joy. To move through apparent blockades by acting like water rather than a battering ram or just clawing at it like a broken prisoner.  To focus on love, gratitude and possibility rather than fear and resentment.


It isn’t hard to see the people in either tribe. To some very real extents, you have to make a choice which tribe you will belong to.  You really do get to make the choice, and the quality of your life will be determined by what you decide.




(Tim’s only written a couple of books, but his best is simply called “Mastery”. tim_piering


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