Chakra Meditation

Here’s a way to combine the different approaches we’ve discussed (modified from an earlier post):
1) Listen to the heartbeat for five minutes. Visualize the things and people that you love most deeply. Visualize your own child self in the bosom of a loving family—either literal or constructed.
2) Drop your focus to the lower chakras. Visualize your perfect body. Rotate it and see it from all directions. See it functioning with animal grace and power. Spend five minutes here.
3) Take the light from these first two visualizations. Condense them, then explode them upward to your head. Visualize your career dreams. See yourself in the house or office of your dreams, surrounded by the trappings of success. See yourself holding up a newspaper with the date by which you will accomplish these things. Five minutes.
4) See the light flowing up from the lower chakras, or out from your heart (but NOT down from your head!). If it is clear and unobstructed, great! Close the meditation and enter your day. If it is cloudy or otherwise troublesome, spend some time clearing it.

Use this daily, until you develop a correlation between morning meditation and your actions and results. It takes time—months at least. You are creating an extraordinarily sophisticated internal communications system. It is worth the effort.




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