The Ancient Child Christmas

For most of us, Christmas in childhood was a time of simple pleasures, great expectations, excitement and direct joyful emotions.  As we become adults we step out of the protected space and slowly become aware of the financial, social, political, inter-personal and other pressures of the adult world.  If we have children, we usually shoulder all of these stresses and try our best to create a “safe space” for our own children to enjoy their childhood, so that they can grow to being healthy adults, powered in part by those memories, and pass that blessing to their own…


But in the process, we can forget that the entire cycle has to begin with US.   Whether it is for the benefit of our families, or the maintenance and expression of our own sanity and spirit, WE MUST START WITH OURSELVES or we have nothing.


The “Ancient Child” is a specific visualization designed to connect our childhood dreams with our ultimate values, so that we can, as adults, navigate our lives with joy, power, juice, and focus.  One of my very best friends told me that she knows so many people who are in pain during the holidays: alone, in painful relationships, missing lost friends and family, heading to reunions where they know abusive conversations will spoil the holiday…


Could I do something?   


What I know is that I can damned well try.   So with the help of my good friend Santa and his tech elves, we went into the North Pole sound lab and recorded a special short version of the Ancient Child visualization specifically for the holidays.  My TOTALLY FREE gift to you. 


Please feel free to share this URL with anyone you know who needs a little extra support this season.  With some slight mental modification it will be useful to you all year long, and help you create internal resources that can make your life a brighter place…or even help you have the balance, power, and joy to transform a family dinner into the happy open-hearted space it was supposed to be.


WE NEED OUR HOLIDAYS.  We need to connect with that joy.   And children, including the child within us all, need to store up enough happy memories to last a lifetime.


That’s OUR job as adults.    To protect children, and the child within.  Do that, and you will have the emotional juice to drive your dreams.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




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