The Eternal Student



More observations about the best Christmas present I’ve ever had: my three hours with Danny Inosanto.

Danny Systema, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and some form of Burmese Boxing (I believe) at the age of 80.  This is after having black belt equivalencies in about fifty different arts.   Its fascinating to learn from him one on one…while there are many who have greater knowledge in any one art, it is hard to believe there are many who have ever had more cubic inches of experience and skill across a wide spectrum.  I’d consider him a candidate for best-rounded instructor in human history, due to advanced options of travel, communication, and information storage/retrieval.


The question is: why?   Why go wide instead of narrow?   Well, he certainly went deep: deep into JKD, deep into the Filipino arts.  Arguably the world’s greatest expert in both.  After that…I think that he enjoys being The Eternal Student.  Seeks the “frying nerve” effect you get when new synapsis are being formed.  “When you’re green you grow, and when you’re ripe, you rot.”   There is a practical side: you might know more than him in some game, but he’ll shift games on you in a high-level round of paper-rock-scissors until he finds the way to beat you.


But there is also simply the simple pleasure.  That joy. To still have that joy in your ninth decade of practice is as close to a sheer expression of mastery as you will find.


What will YOU learn in 2017 that will keep you smiling and growing?


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