1% daily growth be the secret?

Daily ritual.jpg


I’d mentioned that  I wanted to focus down in 2017, in some very specific ways.   One of them was trying to  identify the SINGLE arena of life which, if I focused in on it, would give me the maximum benefit.  My first thought was the “Morning Ritual” because it connects with so many other things: focus, health, fitness, stress relief, goal setting, and more.


But…and I’m only considering it today (who knows what I’ll think tomorrow!) I might be better off if I concentrated on the “Five Minute Miracle” concept.  Here’s my reasoning.  Does this make sense?

  1. The basic concept is that once every 3 hours you stop and do deep diaphragmatic ‘Belly Breaths” for 60 second. This short-circuits the stress-strain response beautifully, so that  you act with resourcefulness.  We are rarely short of resources.   History suggests that what we really lack is resourcefulness.
  2. The Russian “Synaptic  facilitation” technique says that if you want to learn something, you’re better off breaking it into smaller chunks and practice them during the day piggybacked on a “5MM” style approach: 5 12-minute piano sessions will teach you more than one 60-minute session.  So if I have different strength, fitness, or skill components that can be related to, say, proper breathing I can “learn” an advanced breathing technique by focusing in this fashion, with multiple positive effects (for instance: the capacity to shift my mood on demand.  HUGELY valuable!)
  3. My morning meditation can be one of the 5MM.  This includes Ancient Child and Mneumonics and heartbeat meditation.  Clarifying my goals, pumping up my emotions, and seeing what I need to do today to fulfill my destiny.
  4. The “Morning Ritual” can be the second 5MM.  This is goals, Tai Chi, shifting emotions again…connecting my mind, body, and emotions all in the same package. While initially complex, what an amazing diagnostic tool!   I can tell where I am energetically simply by looking at my resistance to practicing it.   But if (when…I rarely miss!) I KNOW that my day will be positive, efficient, effective, and I’ve started my day with a lovely joint mobility practice.  Further, I’ve connected EVERYTHING I do with my ultimate life goals as well as my yearly goals.   Wow.  That means that every single thing I do all day long has personal meaning.  And…if I am distracted later in the day, I’ve handled my basic physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.  That’s huge “bang for the buck.”
  5. The 3rd “5MM” is my actual workout.  These days that’s alternating an Ashtanga Yoga short form (my body is still recovering its former facility with this 30-minute practice), or a combination of martial arts and Pavel’s “Simple and Sinister” Kettlebell program.  Serious, powerful stuff.   Hate it while I’m doing it until I remember WHY I’m doing it, WHY the strength and health and energy are critical to my core goals and disciplines, how it benefits my writing, family life, financial and martial goals.  Everything fits together.  Everything reinforces everything else.
  6. The 4th “5MM” is working with my Kali sticks.  Danny Inosanto encouraged me to pick these back up, with the comment that there is something magical about them.  I agree. Something in the circularity feels like winding up a spring which then slowly unwinds during the day. Storing elastic energy, perhaps?  I don’t know.  What I DO know is that if I ever got to the point of doing this for about 2 minutes an hour…I’d be the Prince of Wakanda.
  7. The 5th 5MM segment is before I go to bed. That’s pure joint mobility.   Releasing the tension from my body for sleep.  Done gently, playfully, and for the sheer fun of it.


I look at that. Where does it start?  In simple breathing for sixty seconds, five times a day.  And I can see how it would build.  Total time invested at the highest levels?   About an hour a day.   And if I could actually stay on that path, can I see ANYTHING I desire in life I wouldn’t have?  Any obligations I wouldn’t fulfill joyously?  Would the little kid inside me be tickled as hell? (Prince of Wakanda?  Hell ya!) . Would my “Inner Elder” approve?  I think yes.  Because although I am leveraging my ego to provide motivation, ultimately every action, every breath, every step, every word I write is all in the service of my soul, all in the light of the divine.


I may change my mind tomorrow. But right now, today, it feels like an expanding fractal pattern, starting with five minutes and growing to a program complex and challenging enough to keep me on my toes and lead me anywhere I could ever want to go.


Wow. Just a thought.  Kinda fun though, doncha think?





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