Raising Your Energy

If I’m experimenting with a single central goal, something to focus all my  intention upon: 1% daily improvement of my Morning Ritual, I now know WHAT my outcome is, but to lock in the motivation I need to know WHY I want it.   One reason is “to increase my energy.” And why do I want to increase my energy?  “To have more passion and Juice in my life. To be able to steamroller obstacles. Have endless energy to brainstorm answers and implement them. To provide for my family, to keep rapport with my son. To inspire and lead my community. To change any negative habit pattern so that I can be the very best I can be. To overcome fear and sloth, because ENERGY means I have access to the very best I can be, whenever I want to tap it.”

ENERGY is one of the most important aspects of life.  Inevitably, when people are discouraged or “stuck”, they feel drained of energy.  Looking for work, trying to deal with problems, dealing with an illness…all block your energy.  When we feel energetic and alive we simply see answers that cannot be seen when we are exhausted, and we believe we can achieve them.  If you feel tired, look into the following arenas: one or more of them will always provide a “boost”.  Put all of them together and you’ll have unstoppable power.

In general, there are three physical guardians to your energy, and one mental/emotional one:

  1. Exercise.   HOW YOU MOVE YOUR BODY.   The fastest way to describe the physical aspects is that every day you eat, you should move.  Sweat every day, in proportion to the amount  of energy it would have taken your ancestors to hunt, gather, or avoid predators.  Stretch and perform joint mobility to take off your “brakes” so that your movement is always becoming more efficient and effective.  Increase your strength to weight ratio.   There are a thousand ways to accomplish this…joint mobility and walking are a fine place to start, as are the Five Tibetans.  If you’re smart enough, you can handle your basic physical exercise needs in only about an hour a week.
  2. Diet.   Are you eating for energy, or emotions?  Health, or Taste ?  For how you want to feel TOMORROW or how you want to feel in the next ten minutes?    Consciously or unconsciously? Want to know one of the best and fastest ways to heal this wound?  1) Get a clear image of how you want to look and feel.  2) Use your cell phone camera to take a picture of EVERYTHING YOU EAT before you eat it.  Unless your current habits match your blueprint, you CANNOT do this for 30 days without making changes.  If you can’t do it for 30 days, your issue is mental/emotional, not physical.
  3. Rest.  The average person needs 7-9  hours of sleep a day.   The average person who complains about lack of energy and focus seems to get 5-6 hours.  The gap is your aliveness. There are so many approaches here: improving your sleep space, shutting down the TV earlier, not eating within 2 hours of bed time, practicing Yoga Nidra (“Warrior Sleep”), practicing calming yoga stretches such as the “Moon Salutation” improve time management, and on and on.
  4. Focus.  WHAT do you want the energy for?  WHY do you want it? The clearer you are on these two things, the easier it is to tap into your reserves.  And this is available without any other changes: you don’t have to be fitter, eat better, or sleep more.  PASSION by itself will raise your capacity.


Measure yourself from 1-10 in each of these arenas.   And if you are less than “8” in any of them, you know where you need to focus!


Your “Morning Ritual” can help with ALL of these.

  1. You can literally make the movement your exercise (hill walking is a great aerobic exercise)
  2. Affirmations can implant new behaviors and beliefs in alignment with raising your energy
  3. Visualization of your goals can clarify WHAT you want the energy for, and HOW you will raise it.
  4. Flooding yourself with gratitude and love can connect you with WHY you want the energy.


1-10 in each area: Exercise, Diet, Rest, Focus. Where are YOU in each of them?






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