Writing to Change Minds


A few weeks back I was asked to participate in a conference where the question was:

How do we change the world as writers?

As part of this, I recorded an interview with a lovely lady named Laura Leigh Clarke (great English accent!) who quizzed me on this, and a number of factors that will make the difference when you’re looking to influence society through your writing.

You can catch the interview here:

“The Thinking Work of Writing Material That Can Change Minds”


In this interview I discussed:

  • the first, and little talked about step, to writing something that can create change
  • the important distinctions to be aware of in gender differences
  • how to use questions to overcome prejudices, and limitations in beliefs
  • the main driver in writing powerful material
  • the “carrier tone” to having you message really heard
  • how to rob your reader of his chance to argue with you!  (This is sneaky stuff, and scared the crap out of Plato)

And much more…

Now be forewarned–this is part of a larger effort to raise awareness and resources to change society, and I’m just a little cog in a much larger wheel.  But that can be good, because Laura is a savvy lady and I think she’s put together an excellent roster of other people you can learn from.

When you register to view the interview (free!) you will also receive access to interviews from a host of experts including:

  • successful indie authors, and show makers,
  • peacekeepers on nation-building,
  • professional screenwriters, and film makers,
  • futurists in the areas of webisodes, filmmaking and publishing,
  • developmental psychologists, and cultural historians,
  • people who are changing the economies of whole countries through education,
  • people who are using scriptwriting to change the lives of young offenders,
  • change makers who are making it safer for women in India, and around the world, through their documentaries

… and even a few philosophers!

This insight will give you the thinking and knowledge to write some world-changing material.

Go ahead and register for this material (for free) whilst it’s still available


Write with Passion!


P.S. this is part of a bigger project – Storytelling for Social Profit: The Summit, where experts from a range of disciplines were interviewed in order to give you, as a storyteller, a grounding in tangible tipping points that will create a difference in the world.

The full schedule of free interviews is clickable at the bottom of the page where you view my interview.

Go ahead and watch my interview: “The Thinking Work of Writing Material That Can Change Minds”



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