Day 2 of the 100-Day Funnel plan


So on the second day of the marketing plan took me two days, because it is a combination of concepts and execution.  The execution part is learning to make a web site hooked to an email list (done this before), but I had to find how to mesh Clickfunnels with Aweber, my email list.   At no time did it feel “easy” but at no time did I feel overloaded, either.


The other part of the game was refining my “Attractive Character”.  This is my public personae, the specific aspect of my personality I am projecting.   It is highly recommended that this be authentic and honest, but still an ASPECT of myself, not the totality. I remember Nichelle Nichols telling me that the public doesn’t want to know who you really are: they want to know the things that inspire and support their dreams.


If the first principle of “N-POD” (funnel creation) is Passion, that is because honest, powerful emotion is the fuel that will keep you going, and the thing you are communicating.  But the second principle is the “Starving Hive”: the people who are dying for what you have.


In one marketing class, the students were asked: if you had a restaurant, and could have one pre-condition to guarantee success, what would you want?   Some said location.  Some said great food.   The answer the teacher was looking for was A STARVING CROWD OF CUSTOMERS.


People who NEED what you have. That means you have to clearly define the VALUE of what you have, and present yourself in such a manner that they have confidence that you can satisfy their need.


And all of this should be honest: honest value, genuine need, and a reliable spokesman.   Why?  Because you are saying “follow me.”  You are asking them to trust you.


The “Sales Funnel” is nothing more than setting up a virtual store, introducing yourself, giving honest value for their time and trust, and only THEN asking them to trust you with their money.


FIRST you prove yourself. THEN you offer a value-for-value exchange.   Everything else is a technological or strategic means to that end.


So…do you walk up to a strange woman on the street and say: “wanna screw?”  If you do, you are likely to get a very poor result.  On the other hand, if you

  1. Exchange casual greeting.
  2. Exchange casual pleasantries


You are giving her a chance to evaluate your manners, body language, mode of dress, and more. She has a chance to decide if she likes what she sees.  You might then…


  1. Ask her if she’d like a cup of coffee. Some very low-pressure, low-risk activity, but still a step forward in intimacy.  During the conversation, you can determine if you have shared interests and values, and can make each other laugh–very important.
  2. You might then exchange contact information.   A phone number or email address, to continue the conversation.  We’re both mammals. Both sides know we are feeling each other out for possible reproductive behavior.  But even if this isn’t a possibility, there is still friendship!
  3. You might shake hands as you leave–you have now BROKEN FRAME and touched each other. Such a first contact is critical.
  4. If you then reach out and communicate, finding a shared interest, offering a second public meeting: a concert, movie, museum, amusement park.   Still safe.  Chances to expand physical contact, get to know each other more.   If you can get her dancing, GREAT because now you are displaying physicality, and possibly matching rhythms and movements, beginning to understand whether you would be good sexual partners.
  5. You might get a hug, or even a little kiss at the end of this.  Another step forward, where information is flowing fast.  You can accelerate this if you have friends in common, past experiences in common, etc.  The point is gaining trust, because you are asking her to take a risk with you.
  6. This cycle continues, either growing closer until one or the other suggests intimacy, or you find a plateau (“the friend zone”!  Be polite and respectful if you find yourself there.  She may know someone perfect for you, and if you are a gentleman about it, she’ll recommend you) or the two of you back away from each other: this try didn’t work.
  7. And now you are on the new level of your relationship, possibly sexual partners.  And the courting and growing intimacy should continue as you bond and possibly move toward being life partners.



The above is one very common pattern for men and women.  Can you see this pattern in communicating with a potential CUSTOMER that your goods or services are what they need?  So far, we have

  1. Identified passion, and aligned our product with it. This means we can be HONEST about the value of our presentation. And honesty is critical for long-term relationships.   I believe you should always behave as if the customer can read your mind.
  2. Found the “attractive character” which is your public personae. This is an honest, simplified reduction of who you are, designed to help people discover you in a crowd of people screaming for their attention.
  3. You identify the “starving hive” of potential customers.  This is a concentration of people who need you.  What clubs do they attend? What social groups?  Schools? Restaurants?


In other words, answer the questions:

  1. WHAT is my Unique Selling Proposition?  Why should people spend their money with ME as opposed to anyone else, or keeping it in their pocket?
  2. WHO is my PERFECT customer?   The more time I spend concentrating on this, the easier it is to sell.    I would suggest no more than two: one male, one female.  Name them. Cut out a picture of each.  Post them on your wall.   Your advertising is talking  directly to them, not to a faceless mob
  3. WHERE do they collect, and HOW will you reach them? Personal appearances?  Advertising?  Blogging?   Podcasts?  Youtube?  Choose one or two, and focus there.


The “Funnel” is nothing more than the process, conceptual and technological, through which you meet, attract, introduce yourself to a new customer so that you earn their trust at every step, and induce them to come closer. If you are honest and generous at every step, and you have what they need, and communicate this to them in every word and action, they will come closer and closer to you.   There are a TON of moving parts here, and I’m hoping that Clickfunnels will automate enough of this, and have clarity on how all the steps fit together, sufficient to help me move these things from “conscious incompetence” to “unconscious competence”, the point at which marketing and sales becomes simple communication and creativity. All the machinery is in place: I just have to open my heart.


THAT is what I want, because if I am offering something of genuine value, then marketing becomes love, becomes growth.  Becomes part of a spiritual path.  And THAT is something worth fighting for, don’t you think?




(if you’d like a free 14-day trial of this program, go to:


And full disclosure:  yes, I am absolutely experimenting with their affiliate program. And yes, I am using this product personally, and sharing everything I’m learning about it.  So far…VERY good!


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