Balancing and juggling

Sorry for jumping around,  but I warned you that I’m trying to integrate a vast amount of new information to the level of “unconscious competence”.  What am I trying to integrate, while still remaining balanced as a human being?


  1. First, the “unbalancing” is in the service of balance: recognizing that I should have had FOUR basic elements: body, mind, emotions, and FINANCES.
  2. The  “Magnetic Marketing” match of product to market to media. Listening to this set of lectures about twenty times finally helped me understand something.
  3. The   “TRIBE” course for setting up a membership site: a view of a complete business pattern.
  4. The  “RPM” system for organizing vast amounts of different tasks and goals into a streamline, emotionally connected organic whole, as well as understanding, finally, all the core aspects of a BUSINESS that have to be handled to build a future.
  5. The “Clickfunnels” approach to building complete “funnels” or “n-Pods”, the “virtual vending machines” that represent a complete structure of product, service, marketing and sales.   A dozen different technologies all linked together in a single purpose.
  6. See the almost FIFTY separate pieces I’m trying to balance?  And the only way to do that is to DO them often enough that multiple aspects combine into simpler and simpler structure.   Like the thousand different things a kid has to do to learn to ride a bicycle have to become subsumed under the category “ride my bike” before you can really have fun.  That means daily work.  DAILY work, and finding ways that it is FUN, so that I can go into Flow state.
  7. That means that my creative self must be engaged.   That means that my “little boy” has to be dancing with me.  But…isn’t this child abuse of a kind?  Pimping out my “inner child” to make money?
  8. Well…I ask myself: what is happening in my writing?  A paperback in March (THE SEASCAPE TATTOO with Larry Niven);  two short stories, one chosen for TWO “best of the year” anthologies (“Fifty Shades of Grays”) and the other part of a hard-science NASA-supporting collection created by the University of Arizona (“Mozart on the Kalahari”), a hardback coming out in June (TWELVE DAYS),  the third “Avalon” novel with Niven and Pournelle 2/3 finished (working title: THE CTHULHU WAR),  my next novel in serious development (so high-concept I won’t even tell you what it is about!  But the working title: TRAVELER),  and the first-draft script for the television series I’m developing at a major studio done.   Scared about that–its been a while since I’ve had success in television, due to family duties, and I’m as insecure as anyone.   So I’ve gotten notes back on it from multiple people I trust, with responses from “good first draft” (the worst) to “HOLY FUCK!!” the best.  I can live with that.  that means that my little boy has nothing to fear.   I am producing at a high level, some of the best work of my life.  Little Stevie is smiling, and happy to help Daddy build my business!
  9. The trick is to just wake up and chop wood, carry water. Just do what I do, without any real stress about flowing from one step to another.  And accessing the feeling of “fun” rather than overwhelm.
  10. The tool is “The Morning Ritual” which goes from meditation to organization to emotional “flooding” with positivity to visualizing my day, to actually improving my Tai Chi and ability to access my positive states. That means that I start my day already positive, and focused!  Then I just choose my “Triad”, the three most important/non-imperative (and therefore generative) things I have to do that day.   JUST THREE.  Today? That’s work out, spend an hour on the Niven-Pournelle project, and launch my first FB ad connected to my affiliate funnel.  Just those three, plus my morning ritual (which includes my connect time with Jason) and IF I DO THEM, I’ve had a successful day!  Winning!


That’s the stuff I’m doing. To be specific about the whole marketing thing (see?  I get back to it!) remember the first two “Funnel/N-POD” steps:

  1. Start with passion.  A real desire to serve, to grow, to evolve.
  2. Find a “starving hive” of people who need a product or service you can provide.  START WITH THE AUDIENCE. (Note that this is the opposite from the “artistic” approach, which is to create something that touches your heart and then hope someone likes it?)

And now step 3:

  1. Create your “IRRESISTABLE OFFER”.  In other words, this is a test of your understanding of human beings. You’ve found a group of people with a need. They are STARVING for something.   Your job is to design or dream up something they need BEFORE you create it! That means you either survey the prospective audience, or be sure that there is already a thriving market, and that you have something new and better to offer.  NOT CHEAPER. You’ll go broke competing head to head with lower prices.  “We lose a little on every sale but make it up with volume!” is an idiot plan.


So those are the pieces.  That’s also the point at which my fingers get numb from typing.  Time to exercise!





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