Morning Ritual stuff

So the whole “Morning Ritual” thing is really inspiring me.  It’s the “Diamond Hour” concept.   For me, that starts the moment I wake up, and continues until I slide into my work day.  Let’s see the things this includes:

  1. Joint mobility in bed. As soon as I start waking up.  Fingers and toes and wrist and ankles, just get the blood moving.
  2. Sit up and meditate.  Heartbeat and breathing.  Check on spinal posture, anal lock, lower abdominal lock.  In other words, the breathing up and down the spinal alignment, shifting attention gently from there to my heartbeat.  Roughly every other day, I visualize the mneumonics for numbers 1-100.
  3. Get up and make myself a cup of Bulletproof Tea.  This is the “Buletproof coffee” concept using Cocoanut  oil, augmented caffeine, and the Indian herbal jam Amrit Kalash.   MCTs, caffeine, and butter are like hooking jumper cables to your head.
  4. Drink tea while blogging.  Yep, that’s when I write these little notes.
  5. I’m usually listening to something inspirational while dumping thoughts out of my head.  Might use Microsoft Onenoe to polish my Lifetime values, overall and short-term goals to see what today might contribute to my journey.  Remember what it’s all about, and all I have to be grateful for.
  6. By 7:30 I do my personal Morning Ritual: Tai Chi with an “emotional flood” from gratitude to focus to faith.    My core goal: improve my Morning Ritual by 1% daily.
  7. Finish my tea, and my blog, and wait for Jason to come to me for our time.  That’s by 8:00am.  He enters my office and stands at attention until I notice him.  I check his posture, then nod, and he comes to my lap and we hug heart to heart and I tell him how much I love him.  We sit cross-legged, hold hands, look in each others’ eyes, and breathe ten times as he counts. If he breaks eye contact, I give his hand a little squeeze.  If he is hitting all his numbers (1-10 breaths) he is allowed to goof while we do it. If he misses numbers or breaks eye contact, he has to be serious.  We go from “what is your job? (To be good), “did you do it yesterday?” to “What are the laws?” (Musashi’s principles) to what are the Rules (codes of conduct for school) to “what are your goals?) (the benchmarks  he must hit to be on a success path physically, academically, and personally) then we hug, and he goes to school.
  8. A little more break until I’m ready, and then work out.    Martial arts (kata or drills from Silat, Kali, WAR, and Kenpo.)  Then, letting those function as my warm-up, 5 minutes of Turkish Get Ups followed by either Flow Fit 2 or (current experiment) The Five Tibetans.  Then at least one Sun Salutation.
  9. On alternate days, I go directly from Tai Chi to Yoga instead.
  10. Now I’m ready for my day!   If I have almost no time, I can “just” do the Tai Chi/Morning ritual, which takes as little as 5 minutes.   That way, I’ve got an expanding fractal pattern: from 5 minutes to about an hour, depending on my schedule.



That’s the pattern.   If I do it, almost any bit of it, I’m at the very least doing “joint mobility,” emotional flooding, and focus.  My day rocks. And you can’t even imagine the sense of completion when I can do the entire pattern.   I’VE GOTTEN ABOUT 80% OF MY DAY DONE IN THE FIRST HOUR!  When I work on writing for just 60 minutes, do you have any idea how much work I get done?  And what if I write for four hours?  Six?  IF I spend just one hour working on my business stuff?  Or three, or four?   If I connect with T for just 30 minutes?  Or three or four hours?  Frankly, I goof around the whole day afterward…but somehow when I look back over the day, I’ve gotten everything done!  Funny how that works…

You never know how much of your day will be yanked out of your hands by the tyranny of the imperative.

The first hour of the day belongs to YOU.  And the more committed you are to helping others…the more critical this is.







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