The Power of Value Clarity


Indecision is a lack of value clarity.  The better you know yourself, your hopes and dreams and intentions, your values and beliefs, the easier it is to make a decision.    In fact, you can actually USE a lack of decision-making ability to point out this problem.    The answer?  Spend a day sitting, working ON PAPER listing your three-nine most important outcomes in life. Be sure that you have goals in all major arenas of your life: body, mind, emotions, finances.


Then get VERY specific about WHY you want these things.  Be careful: the goal “make more money” both lacks specificity and is probably not an ultimate goal.  It is a MEANS to some goal like security, adventure, contribution, freedom.   And THOSE emotional goals all relate to one thing: happiness.  Joy.    So, working backwards from “I want to be happy” look at the things you need to increase pleasure or decrease pain.   Put them in order: which are the most important?  Why?


Dig deep.   You might have additional categories: social, spiritual, etc.    3-9.     One single day spent doing this will change your life.   Or, you can spend fifteen minutes a day on it for a month.   Either way, once done, you will have a written document that details your priorities, needs, wants, desires.    You’ll know you’ve got it when you can make decisions quickly and effectively, change your decisions rarely, and every action in your life brings a sense of increased satisfaction and diminished discomfort.





Only then, after you are clear, do you set short-term goals, let alone daily to-do lists.


It’s worth the effort.





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