Love yourself, love another

The Path of the householder goes from caring for yourself to expanding to others.  From mastery of the mundane to challenging the infinite.  From “Who am I?” to “What is True?” and back.


Woe unto those who try to handle this in a different order.  Just last week, there were at least three people panicking and getting swallowed by fear and anger.  “Why can’t people just love each other!” they rage.  “I hate these irrational people so much I can’t see straight!” they foam.


Ummm…the answer is that you cannot provide an alternate vision, a role model, because you are lost in the same fog. You cannot see the good in the world, or even the love and fear that drives even negative behaviors.   That most people are just doing the best they can, that a relatively small percentage of them are actually predators.  The danger is that the pain triggers fear, and we close down. Then the “being closed” doesn’t match our self-image so we force ourselves to open.  But if we open without clarity, we won’t be able to detect predators or people locked in nightmare, and can become victims.   The worst problem is that from that position of fear-masquerading-as-love we are RADIATING victim energy, and actually ATTRACT the problems we seek to avoid.


That line from “Broadcast News”:  “wouldn’t it be great if needy were a turn on?” is critical here.

Needy IS a turn on…for predators and con-artists.

If the pattern is:

  1. Love yourself
  2. Expand that love to include one other person


We have the right syntax.  FIRST  answer “who am I?”  and keep digging until you find the beauty and power within you.   ANY ugliness was your reaction to fear.  All you ever wanted was to connect with love.   “Heartbeat” meditation and “The Ancient Child” both help create this foundation: to cherish yourself as if you were your own most beloved child.



  1. We have more hopes and aspirations for our children than for ourselves.
  2. We will work harder for our children than for ourselves
  3. We will demand more honesty and discipline from our children than from ourselves.
  4. We have more faith that our babies can fall down and get back up than we have in ourselves.


The combination of love, faith, and passion, the desire for the BEST outcomes, the intolerance for lying and sloth is dynamic beyond ordinary conception.   And a person who is becoming the energetic doppleganger of their own projected Soulmate, who is active in the world (and therefore visible) will find their attraction increasing to the level that you have choices you may have never before experienced.


THIS is the foundation of the SOULMATE PROCESS.    The seeds are right there, above.  If you’d like a free packet of ’em, just go to



And…love and care for yourself today.  You’re worth it!





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