Thousands of dollars of free education?

Today I’m going to teach you how to get THOUSANDS of dollars in top-level marketing knowledge 100% free of charge–or for pennies.  Read on.


My goal is ONE MILLION AWAKE AWARE ADULT HUMAN BEINGS.   The “Householder Yogi” approach is to be “in the world but not of the world”…to be rooted in consensus reality, to “win” this game: (physically healthy and fit, loving and bonded and raising a family, providing goods and services to your community that support you comfortably, creating financial security) then leveraging the lessons used in these “mundane” arenas to create “safety rails” that allow spiritual progression.


The “Soulmate” process is a part of this–connecting your human logic centers and your basic animal mating drives.  Works like a charm.  The “Lifewriting” system does this with writing, my core career discipline and artistic expression.  The “TacFit Warrior” system was this, and I’m currently testing a simple system for fitness and weight loss that uses public information to achieve a powerful result in an hour a week (!)

And the notion of saving 10% of what you earn is a damned fine starting point for finances. But what if you need to INCREASE the amount of money you make?

That’s what I’m doing with the “Lifewriting for Entrepreneurs.”

To increase income you have two basic approaches: 1) increase the quality or quantity of the product or service you provide, or 2) Increase your knowledge of sales and marketing.

About 90% of the time, it is this second approach that will bear most fruit.  How do you think McDonald’s became the biggest food company in the world? Because of the quality of their McNuggets?  Oh, please.

But how to learn?  The internet has made it possible to connect with people all over the world…but simultaneously you are indistinguishable from all the charlatans and con artists out there.    How to sort through the garbage for the gems of real wisdom?

The self-published e-book has taken the publishing industry by storm.   But I noticed something: a disproportionate number of the “winners” of this race were sales people, marketers, lawyers…they brought a skill set to the game most artists can’t match.  Some of them had the bad manners to actually be  good writers, too!  “Artist” writers look at their sales and feel, deep in their hearts, that it isn’t fair, these people are cheating, or lucky, or maybe sold their souls…

No. They simply run a complete business, understanding that books, however well written, are just “the deliverable”. The rest of the business is sales, marketing, bookkeeping, development, customer service, and more.  They understand the exact things we artists want nothing to do with.  So they get the money.

Well, if you want to level the playing field, listen on.



Everything I’ve accomplished in my life has come from finding people who already accomplished what I wanted, and modeling their behaviors and attitudes and strategies.   But when it comes to marketing, this can cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, and much of the information is regurgitated and almost worthless.


Here’s the big dirty secret: most of the people making money on the internet are making money teaching people how to make money.  That’s NOT what you want. You want people who made their money selling goods and services, and keeping their customers satisfied year after year.  THAT’S who you want to model.


But even if you find them…what if you can’t afford the thousands they charge?  How do you get into their elite circles?  I kid you not…one top-notch “mastermind” circle I know of for the world’s best marketers costs A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR!


Arrgh.   But I learned a tactic for you that will allow you to “GRAB” their very best marketing ideas FOR FREE.   Listen closely. It is so smart that the first time I heard it my jaw dropped.


Here it is: ALL of these guys and gals offer “freebies” to get your email addresses.  Free books, seminars, lectures, webinars, gifts.  Then, once they have your email, they market to you.  They send you emails, get you to buy low-cost items that identify you as a “live wire” so they can focus more time and attention on you.  EVEN THE BEST, MOST HONEST, MOST ETHICAL  SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE do exactly this.  They offer you something free in order to earn your trust, and then build that trust until you decide you want to invest in them


Here’s the secret: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.  Just observe how they market to you!  Look at the emails they send, the sales copy, the set-up of their web sites, the price structure of their offers.   Just do THIS, and you are learning their secrets, secrets they may have spent MILLIONS of dollars learning and developing!


For nothing but a little time, and maybe shipping costs on a free item, you can get THOUSANDS of dollars in marketing information.  A complete education.    All you have to do is stop being irritated when people sell to you, market to you, put ads in your face.   LEARN.  STUDY.  GET CURIOUS.  ASK QUESTIONS: “why did they do that?  Say that?  Show that?  In that order?  What did they do first?  Next?  How did they overcome objections?  Catch my interest?  Get me to drop my guard..?”


A complete education, all the knowledge you could ever want, free of charge (or dirt cheap: “shipping costs” sometimes apply)


I have a great place for you to start. Right now, the guy I’m studying most closely is a baby-faced former college wrestler  named Russell Brunson, who has a marketing company but also sells supplements and other products (he made his first million selling potato guns!) and this guy knows his stuff.  He is genuinely BRILLIANT at marketing, maybe the best I’ve seen at breaking it down to nuts and bolts.   EVEN IF YOU AREN’T INTERESTED IN HIS SPECIFIC PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, HAVE ZERO MONEY TO INVEST WITH HIM, STUDY HIS MARKETING PROCESS.


Are you selling novels?  Non-fiction?  Services or products of any kind?   This guy has sold it, or his customers have, using the techniques YOU CAN LEARN FOR FREE just by letting him market to you.  They seem applicable to ANY product or service, and the more you generalize his principles, the more different arenas you can apply it to–including marketing YOURSELF to get a job!  After all, getting a job is just “selling” yourself to the decision maker, right?


Print out his emails.  Screen-capture his ads.  Watch his webinars if you want to get AN ENDLESS FLOOD OF FREE IDEAS, a one-stop education on EXACTLY how you can market anything you’re doing.

Here’s a link to get you started:

Take notes. Get a study partner and pass this link to them.  Analyze every word of what he’s doing.  The man is for real, and printing CRAZY paper, because he knows what he’s doing.   And if you will model his beliefs, his actions, and his strategies…you’ll know what you’re doing, too.

To your success…



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