For the next two weeks: Lifewriting Premium is open again!

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”–Audre Lorde, poet and activist

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for: Lifewriting Premium is open again!   ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR THE FIRST MONTH!  Only $27 a month thereafter!     It will be open until March 1st (my birthday!) and when it closes, it closes again until summer!


Why?  So that we can actually HELP the people who register!   Look at all we’ve got lined up.

Every month you’ll receive:


  1. A new video lecture, many featuring top industry insiders, telling you the TRUTH about what it takes to succeed in film, television, and publishing!  This includes the FULL “Social Justice Writing” course and more!
  2. New audio lectures on every aspect of craft and the BUSINESS of writing
  3. Student “Hotseat” spotlights, where we’ll analyze YOUR stories “Lifewriting” style.  (ONLY Premium members can submit stories!)
  4. Special teleconference Q&A sessions dealing any technical, strategic, or emotional issues you are dealing with.


In addition, we have opened the NEW Facebook Lifewriting Social Media group, where you can network, share your stories, ask questions…our staff is there every day, seven days a week!




We are so proud of what we have coming up for you, and grateful that you were willing to wait, and understand how our top priority is service to each and every student.    And of course, the first month is still only ONE DOLLAR.  After that, the price is only $27 a month, cancel any time.  That price will be going up very soon, so be sure to register TODAY for your $1 trial, which will lock in that monthly rate FOREVER!


JUST GO TO: WWW.LIFEWRITINGPREMIUM.COM.   Be sure to click all the way through the purchase process, and give us your preferred email address for all the goodies we have coming to you in the coming year.  Don’t miss a thing!


One year from today, you will either be a year older…or a year WISER and closer to your writing goals!


“I am so grateful to the Lifewriting Program for providing me with the encouragement, community and tools to become a published author.”

–Adanze Asante



Write with passion!

Steve and Tananarive


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