Re-stating a basic path

I wanted to re-state the process of growth in this hyper-politicized atmosphere:

  1. Love yourself.  Take care of yourself.   Protect yourself.  When stress becomes strain, you develop tunnel vision, go into “survival” and cannot see resources that are right in front of you.   Fear dominates, and the “all is lost” switch is stuck in the “on” position.   Sad to watch.  Suggestion: 15-20 minutes of heartbeat meditation, and/or a morning ritual of movement, gratitude, and focus on outcomes.
  2. Love another.   The bond between two human beings is primary to all human existence, and has a powerful effect on our psychological health. While this is most fully explored between a bonded pair in emotional, sexual, familial, and business connection, “mere” friendships are also nurturing.
  3. Understand human history.   There is nothing happening now that isn’t explained by human psychology, nothing that has not occurred in our past.   If you can’t understand people without needing to condemn or consider yourself superior, cannot see that violence is usually rooted in fear (far more often than predation) you are not honest with yourself.   By loving yourself first, you develop the ability to see into your own heart, claim your own wounds, and have compassion.   That does NOT mean being a victim: see #1.
  4. Find your tribe.   Stop wasting time arguing with those who are asleep, or see a different world.   Accept that they are different, and know that you will achieve more by nurturing those who already agree with you than trying to twist the arms of those who are marching to a different drummer. And the people who are of your tribe need your protection and healing.
  5. Win.   Nothing succeeds like success.  If you are happy, and healthy, and successful people will AUTOMATICALLY want to know what you are doing, and want to move in your direction.   And if you cannot succeed…what makes you so sure your map of reality is accurate?  Anyone can have a theory about where Disneyland is, and how to get there.  Only those who are actually taking pictures with Mickey can be sure their theories were accurate.  Plus…don’t you deserve to have FUN?  Your creativity is fueled by your “child” self.  If you stop rewarding her, she’ll cut off your life force.


Any questions?





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