What can I do for YOU?

One thing creators rarely consider is what the audience/customers want. Our attitude is often: “I’ll TELL you what you want.” That’s fine for the artist part of our personalities. But the BUSINESS part has to ask the opposite question: “what do YOU want?” and then provide it. When these circles overlap, you have both personal and professional success. If you find the right audience, what they want, and what YOU want to provide, fit each other very nicely. The sweet spot. I want to ask you guys right now: I’m ready to create a little mini-course on some aspect of writing.  The “Machine” is the overall structure of a writing career, and ANY problem you have will be on one stage or another. If you follow it, you will simply succeed:


  1. Write at least one sentence every day
  2. Write 1-4 stories a month
  3. Finish what you write
  4. Submit them, continue to submit until you sell.
  5. Don’t re-write except to editorial request
  6. Read 10X what you write
  7. Continue for 100 stories.


The theory: ANY problem in your career is a failure to take one of these steps.   And once you understand the strategy? Most of the reasons are EMOTIONAL.


Let’s apply “Lifewriting” and look at this “Machine” from the perspective of the Hero’s Journey.

  1. Have you accepted the REALITY of this map to success?  What do you argue with, and why?
  2. Have you dealt with the FEAR related to any step to step?  Which step triggers the greatest discomfort and why?
  3. Have you accepted the RESPONSIBILITY to navigate this map?   Which steps have you rejected, and why?
  4. Do you have a DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY program of work that will take you to your goal?  If not, why not?  If you break down, where does it happen?
  5. Do you MODEL work and strategy  of better writers?  Do you have a circle of MENTORS, ADVISORS, AND PEERS to support and evaluate your work?
  6. Are you prepared for the INEVITABLE FAILURES AND DISAPPOINTMENTS you will encounter along the way?
  7. When you hit the “Dark night of the soul” depression and confusion, what do you do to snap out of it?  What WILL you do next time?
  8. What do you need to have greater faith, gratitude for, to move through the negative emotions?  Yourself?  Your teachers, mentors, and peers?  A higher purpose in life?
  9. When you take action and WIN, how do you celebrate?
  10. How do you choose your next challenge, or the next step in your process, the “higher level”.


Note: ANY interruption in ANY  step of “the Machine” should be considered WRITER’S BLOCK.

Not writing

Not finishing

Not submitting

Not constantly improving

Not continuing the cycle until you succeed.


Anything that CREATES the interruption must be questioned, healed, rooted out…or it will destroy your dreams.  So I ask you…right here in the comments: please TELL ME where in this process your breakdown is, what you want me to address in my next mini-course, and I’ll get right on it.  I want YOU to succeed!


HERE is a link to a one-minute survey you can take if you prefer to tell me anonymously:


Write with Passion!



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