F.E.A.R. and Writing

images.jpgRecently, Tananarive and I asked the Lifewriting community what you really wanted from us, to help you reach your dreams. And overwhelmingly, you said “help dealing with fear.”

And I get it. Fear, which manifests as depression, aversion/avoidance, writer’s block, despair, discouragement, self-loathing, and any number of other secondary emotions or states, has killed more careers than lack of ability ever could.

The first step is to admit that the problem is real. To be able to say: “I am afraid, and it’s hurting me.” Then you can seek the tools, techniques, and perspectives to deal with it.  You can start to cope, and seeks ways to let go of the guilt and confusion.

In my own life, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to have my career. My mother burned my stories.  Everyone I knew (with a couple of wonderful exceptions, thank God!) told me I couldn’t do it.  I’d never met a professional writer in my life.  And if I hadn’t admitted that I was afraid, hadn’t confessed and sought the way through it, I’d have given up my dreams, would never have published thirty novels or written for OUTER LIMITS or won an NAACP Image award.  Never in a thousand years.  Fear is the dream-killer.

So T and I had a very serious conversation on this topic, how it has affected us, and what is really going on, and how we’ve helped our students with this.  And…we recorded that conversation.  For the first time, we’re really diving into this tricky, painful issue.   T and I have created something honest and powerful to help you deal with it.

We’ve been writing a combined total of OVER A CENTURY (gulp!) and every critical thing we know about that emotion is in this little course.  If you’re interested, just send me an email at stevebarnescoach@gmail.com.  Put “Fear” in the subject line, so I’ll know we’re on the same page.

‘Cause believe me: I’ve been where you are.

Write with Passion!



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