Again, the Ancient Child

Something is in the air. Perhaps spring, and a time of renewal.  But four different times at least I saw posts from people damaged in childhood by parents and teachers, people who have lost touch with their “inner poetry”, who have a hard time motivating themselves to take action.


Remember the process of achievement?

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Remember and FEEL WHY you want it
  3. Only then devise your “to do” list.


Most people will neglect step #2, so that they have no “juice”, no “passion”, are motivated only by fear and pain, rather than pleasure.  Critical error.  Think about how sullen a child is when motivated only by punishment. And how creative and joyful they are when motivated by a trip to Disneyland.


The “child” portion of your personality is the creative problem solver, and if you don’t love and nurture this part, all that remains is a drudge, consigned to a Dickensian workhouse of a life.  Always begging “please sir, I want some more” rather than dancing through life.


WHENEVER I see this, I know that this person has lost touch with her heart.  There are two primary tools to deal with this.


  1. Heartbeat Meditation.  Simply sit for 10-20 minutes and listen to/feel your heartbeat.   After you’re done, journal the thoughts that came to you.


After you have a basic facility with this, you can move on to the next level:


  1. The Ancient Child.  Perhaps the single most powerful tool I’ve ever found.
    1. Basically, you sit in your meditative position
    2. Visualize yourself in a mirror.
    3. See light inside the body.  If you are relatively healthy and energetic at the moment, you’ll see a lot of light. When wounded or tired, much less.
    4. Condense the light into a solid ball, or human figure. The size of the figure will represent the age you were before the damage kicked in.  If the damage is extreme, you may get no more than a single fertilized egg.
    5. Become very very quiet.   Ask this younger, purer “you” if there is anything it wishes to communicate.
    6. Listen carefully.  Repeat back what it says, until it agrees that you understand.
    7. Promise that you will stand between this part and any danger.  “Daddy/Mommy  is here now” is often a useful phrasing.
    8. Take the light into your body, or share a hug, whatever is appropriate.


When you come out, journal the results.  EXTRA CREDIT: write a letter to your adult self from your child self, using your non-dominant hand.



This process is amazing.  If you sustained considerable damage in childhood, or are under serious stress now, you may find it too advanced and intense, in which case defaulting to the “Heartbeat Meditation” for a few weeks or months may be advised.


Please let me know your experiences, so I can continue to refine!






  1. Interesting. I was programmed not to whine or constantly repeat stories, even to myself. Doing so, only mires me in that flash point negativity.
    I meditate and participate in Satsang constantly and wholeheartedly endorse the practice as life-affirming and illuminating. I do however, eschew any visualization because it invites the Mind to play. During this practice, I am the observer, the witness and I often find myself smiling at the chicanery my errend thoughts produce. The least benefit from this practice is reduction of stress the greatest is glimpses of the infinite. I will give your suggestions of communing with the Ancient Child a go. It may open some doors.


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