What you want from your future you already have in your past


This is a powerful, paradoxical concept.  It may seem to make no sense, but please bear with me.


Connirae Andreas’ Core Transformation process was one of the last major pieces in my own awakening.  It suggested an experiment to test a theory: at the core of all human behaviors, no matter how negative, is the urge to connect with the divine.  This “divinity” could easily be interpreted as the peace we experienced in the womb, a deep and pervasive sense of total  safety and connection.   The experiment involved dropping clients or criminals or yourself into a trance, and discovering the core emotion motivating a behavior, then determining what would happen if you had all of that emotion you needed.   In every case, once people felt powerful, validated, or whatever motivated a surface behavior, no matter how evil, a deeper and more gentle emotion was revealed. And at the core…after all else was removed…what remained was love.


It was amazing to watch happen, and a revelation.


And this opens the door to a new understanding, both of others, and of yourself.    Back to the statement “everything you want from your future you already have in your past.”  How can this be true?


Because we don’t want things. We want FEELINGS.  And we think that things will give us those feelings.  If you want a million dollars, and when you get it you still feel hollow and unhappy, the “is that all there is?” reaction is common.  But if you are poor but happy and content, you are a lucky man.


And at the very core of everything we want is love.  The secondary positive emotions: pride, passion, happiness, joy, connection, accomplishment, whatever…all of these are like shades of green. Green itself is that primary: love.


And all human children MUST experience love and connection, or they die from “failure to thrive.”   You may not have a conscious memory of it, but its there. At some point, when you were totally helpless, someone loved you and held you and nurtured you.


One of the saddest things in the world is someone who believes they are ONLY motivated by pain, fear, and anger.   “The Stick.”  They have forgotten the carrot.   Forgotten what it is to fall in love, and feel like running barefoot through the rain.  They have deleted all the joy from their memory, so that only discomfort or the urge to lash out remains.


I’m not saying that negative emotions do not motivate. They do. But it is a lie to believe that they are the ONLY or even the BEST motivation.


The Morning Ritual allows you to connect with past joy, and then anchor that to the belief in future victories.   Damaged people will have difficulty connecting with this joy, and when I was working with private clients, one of the first things I did was comb through their memories to find such a positive memory.   In the worst, most depressed cases, it sometimes took weeks. In one case, the breakthrough was a memory of being seven years old an watching Transformers while eating Captain Crunch.  In another, bicycling down the street with two best friends.  In another, riding a horse in the hills, her hair blowing in the wind.


Beautiful. And just as the memory of an embarrassment or insult can trigger a negative response for your entire life, memory of a POSITIVE event from childhood can trigger POSITIVE reactions your entire life as well.


It’s all focus. And as we default to survival (pain) we sometimes have to CONSCIOUSLY direct our attention at the positive.  We have to make the CHOICE to be happy. Misery often happens all by itself.


Everything you want from your future, you already have in your past.  If you can dwell in the possibility of this, and start every day with joy, and laughter, and love with your Morning Ritual, Heartbeat Meditation, or Ancient Child, you then connect with the emotions, the REASONS to do the things you need to do to bring meaning to your existence. From there, every action every day has significance.


And if there is a voice in your head telling you that you must be unhappy to function?  I ask you to test that theory. To, for one week, specifically generate POSITIVE emotions in the morning, for just seven days, and see how much you accomplish.


And if you cannot get yourself to perform the experiment?  I suggest to you that someone poisoned your heart, and that you need to seek help in healing it.  Love is as powerful a motivation as fear. And unless you would motivate your own child with fear alone…


You are betraying your own heart, and the cost will be stupendous. The cost is your life itself.





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