What If..?

I woke up this morning with a thought: all of us have concerns, things that we care about, problems we would like to fix, visions we would like to bring into existence.  Things that will affect the lives of children unborn.


I believe this is true of each of us.   Well…what if YOU made the difference?  What if we were close to the tipping point, and if YOU gave everything you had–


–if you dreamed enough

–if you loved enough

–if you were willing to burn yourself in the fire of your passion

–if you were willing to move beyond past failures, to cease clinging to past wounds

–if you were willing to risk enough, give enough…

–if you were willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES…

–if you were willing to max out your genetic and psychological potential for energy, honesty, courage, tolerance for rejection and mockery and pain

–if the world needed ONE MORE HERO

–what if it was up to you?  If YOU were the one we’ve been waiting for.  If YOUR example, YOUR actions, YOUR clarity was what it would take to tip that balance and change the world in the specific positive ways you most desire…


What would happen? Would we make it?  If you gave it 100% of what you have?


If instead of discussing theories, you took ACTION?  If instead of wasting the substance of your life with arguments, you SUPPORTED the people who agreed with you…and realized that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has points upon which you agree?  If you took more actions from LOVE than from FEAR?


If all it took to get everything you dreamed was everything you’ve got?


Would the children be safe?


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