Zero Net Time Part 3



So we’ve come a long way, established why even if you are a sedentary writer, you need fitness and vitality.

How you can begin the process in FIVE MINUTES A DAY and if you don’t take those five minutes (one sixty second breathing breaks, one every three hours) or five minutes of joint recovery drills.

That if you want to tell me you don’t have five minutes to care for your physical body, but you had five minutes to watch this video, YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF.

Tim Piering said that you can accomplish miracles if you have

  1. Clear written goals
  2. Plans for their accomplishment expressed in continuous action
  3. The ability to take action despite the voices in your head.


You are allowing the voices in your head to run your game. I don’t want to get into a complex discussion of metaphysics or meditation, so I’ll give you a tip, a trick, something which, if taken seriously, will change your life: you are not the voices in your head.  You are the one LISTENING to the voices.


Who am I?  What is true?  These are the questions that drive all philosophy, as opposed to politics, which is “how can we win?”  A different question, one which can lead to corruption if it is not grounded on the first two.


Back to ZNT.  You can’t sustain accomplishment that is contrary to your self image.   A person who sees themselves as a winner, as an athlete, as a lover will move heaven and earth to support that vision if they start slipping.  And a person who does NOT see themselves as those things will, if positive change comes into their life, find a way to sabotage it like someone with poverty consciousness spending a Lottery windfall as fast as possible.


The Bible says “where there is no vision, the people perish.”  And if you do not have a vision for your life, for your health, happiness, and success, you will react only from pain, exist in a stress tunnel, fail to see opportunities that are right in front of you, and believe that fear is stronger than love.


We all know people like that.  And we all, from time to time, ARE those people.


So to use the ZNT system, you have to grasp that YOU HAVE TO HAVE PERMISSION TO SUCCEED. To be healthy, and vital, and energetic. That you have to have PERMISSION to accomplish your dreams, to be HAPPY.  If you don’t, on every level, THAT is the grit in the system, the kink in the wiring.   Our goal is to turn you into a room-temperature superconductor. A healthy animal, aligned with your human and spiritual levels.  Life is hard, but it is also simple.  The answer to “life is hard” is: “BE STRONG, DAMMIT!”  You parents and ancestors were strong for you.  YOU be strong for the children who will follow, and in the process, you create the room for your own dreams.


All you need to do to have a wonderful life is to live in alignment with BOTH your childhood dreams and the ultimate values you will hold on your deathbed.  Navigate that path in the adult world, and you will have everything you want or need.  Don’t try to be perfect: be OUTSTANDING.   Are you “fair” at your important tasks? You will get poor rewards.  “Good”?  You’ll get “fair” rewards.  “Excellent”?  You’ll get “good” rewards.  Want excellent rewards?  YOU MUST BE OUTSTANDING.  You can scream about how unfair that is all you want. The universe doesn’t care. Try standing at the shore and screaming at the tide not to come in.  Your shoes will still get wet.


Most political arguing is screaming at the tide.   Take philosophical action…back up a friggin’ step.  Or take off your shoes and dance in the waves.


But be with life AS IT IS, or you’ll miss the whole party.


So…ZERO NET TIME says that we can change your entire life, starting with your heart and your body, in a maximum of five minutes a day net investment…at the beginning. We’ve explained that.


Now we’re going to give you the next piece, and you’ll have to wait a few days to see how it all comes together.


THE MORNING RITUAL is how you focus your mind and heart, change your self image so that your goals, dreams, self-image, values and actions ALL LINE UP so that you are winning every damned day, regardless of what happens in six months or six years.  Every day a victory.  All you have to do is to this, and you get the emotions that EVERYONE is seeking, as well as become as efficient and effective as a human being is capable of being.


You will need a physical activity: walking, dancing, rebounding, yoga, tai chi. The Zero Net Time program will give you all you need here, but you can start with the joint mobility drills.

You will also need to WRITE DOWN your long term life outcomes, as well as your 1-year outcomes in the arenas of body, career, and relationships.  And three-month. And one-month. And weekly.


And WHY YOU WANT THEM. Remember: EMOTION DRIVES MOTION.  WHY you want something will drive you to discover the HOWS.   (And remember: if you can’t find the HOWS, it is time to take the question to your MASTERMIND GROUP.   The “Mastermind”, the group of people you have bonded to you with love and service, is the only known way to compensate for a lack of resources, talent, even intelligence!).


The “Morning Ritual” uses the “M.A.G.I.C. formula”:  MAGIC = Action X Gratitude X Intention X Conviction.  Get that?  You must take ACTION, must feel GRATITUDE for what you already have, have clear INTENTION for your actions, and CONVICTION that you CAN and SHOULD accomplish your dreams, and that your actions will bring you more pleasure than pain.


If you have all of these…you have magic.  Now, let’s anchor this into your body, not just bounce it around in your head.


(By the way, you don’t have to create your entire outcome structure at once. Simply start with the idea of getting 1% better at your Morning Ritual every day–the rest will follow!).


  1. WHILE MOVING, you CHANT ALOUD an affirmation of CONVICTION that you are improving every day.  (For instance: “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better”)
  2. CONTINUING TO MOVE, you CHANT ALOUD AND MENTALLY FOCUS on What you have in the past to be GRATEFUL for. (Your health, sight, life, family, friends, internet access, etc.)
  3. CONTINUING TO MOVE, you CHANT ALOUD AND MENTALLY FOCUS on your LONG TERM OUTCOMES (I climb Kilimanjaro, Jason graduates college Magna Cum Laude, I create the best and most successful writing projects of my life, etc.)
  4. CONTINUING TO MOVE, you CHANT ALOUD AND MENTALLY FOCUS on what you need to do TODAY to step along this path. Who do you need to be?   How does this person look and feel and breathe?  (“I am dynamic.  I am totally honest and open.   I use my fear and my love BOTH to write 1000 words, to let my passion pull my body another step, to focus on improving my martial motion, to give 100% to my family)
  5. CONTINUING TO MOVE, you re-affirm that you have all the capacity you need to create your dream life (“All I need is within me now”)


Assuming that your entire MR lasts 10 minutes, each piece of this takes about 2 minutes.  Compress or expand proportionally.  Aim to become a HUMAN LASER, your emotions, focus, and body all moving in the same direction. The greater your challenges, the more OOMPH you put into this.  “fake it until you make it” using energy, acting, facial expressions, body language, vocal tonality–all supporting each other.  THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU’LL GET.


See yourself as the body you want to have.  See that body supporting the drive and energy you need to reach your goals.  For just 10-20 minutes do this, and then keep track of what you are accomplishing every day.


Again, if you simply get this single piece right, and work to make it 1% more powerful, dynamic, clearer, more positive and more fearless each and every day…


Everything else in your life will change, guaranteed.  Try it for 30 days.  Bet you a dollar I’m right.


Take the bet?





(p.s.–we’ve now laid out a good chunk of the emotional and philosophical “basics” behind the ZNT system, as well as the basic health (joint mobility and stress mastery) pieces, and emotional mastery.  Given these, you can change almost anything in your life…but YOU MUST DO THEM. This is not a theoretical system.  We’ll be picking up speed. Next:

  1. Basic fitness
  2. Advance Fitness
  3. Nutrition
  4. Zero Net Time


Join me!


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