Zero Net Time Part 4: The Five Tibetans


I’m not going to vamp any more.  It’s time to give you the next major piece in the “Zero Net Time” system. Whether you want to change your body composition, double your energy, increase your focus…we’ve got it, and all totally free.  The system was designed to give you maximum results in not just minimum time (in fact, ZERO NET TIME!) but save you enough money to easily afford the equipment you’ll want to go beyond “ordinary” fitness levels, if you wish to.


But right now, you need nothing more than focus to get very serious results.  Shall we go over the pieces thus far?

  1. The Morning Ritual.  This is the entire context of the actions, a concept that turns “merely” physical action into something emotionally and even spiritually transformative.
  2. The Five Minute Miracle.  A key to stress mastery.  Interruptin g the stress–>strain loop, and eventually programming yourself to automatically shift to a resourceful pattern the first time your unconscious mind senses your physiologcial shifts to the negative.
  3. Joint Mobility.  After proper breathing, the single most important health movement you can perform.   If you have a bad back or aching joints HERE IS YOUR MEDICINE. The saying is: “if you want to fix a bad back, do this slowly.  If you want to prevent a bad back, do it daily.”  It is so powerful that I could just weep when people tell me of their aches and pains. I wish so much that I could get them to do this single thing.  Five minutes a day, every day. Freedom.


And now you’re ready for the next piece, THE FIVE TIBETANS.  In 1939 a man named Peter Kelder wrote a book entitled “The Eye of Revelation”, detailing his relationship with a “Colonel Bradford.”  Initially broken-down and old, Bradford supposedly traveled to a Tibetan temple and there learned a series of brief exercises that rejuvenated him, were “the ancient secret of the Fountain of Youth.”  Kelder tried them, was astonished by the results, taught them to others, saw the benefits yet again, and then wrote a book which has been in print continuously ever since.


Google “The Eye of Revelation” and you’ll find totally free PDFs of the book.    Go to Youtube and search for “The Five Tibetans” and you’ll find a dozen different demonstrations.  Watch at least three of them before you begin. Some thoughts:

  1. The story is probably apocryphal.  No one really knows where the exercises came from, and the closest analogues seem to be Turkish or even Russian. I kind of like the idea that they are Russian: one can imagine Kelder’s publisher being reluctant to put out a book in 1939 called “The Five Russians.”  There is a long tradition of people who create or synthesize systems saying they learned it from an old man on a mountain, or elders in secret caves, or shamans in the desert…none of whom are ever available for fact-check.
  2. The important thing is that they work. Millions of people have used the system. Go to Amazon and look at the comments from various people applying different versions of the system, and you’ll see that they have powerful effects that verge on the miraculous if you aren’t aware of the healing power of proper motion.
  3. They probably are no better than yoga, but simpler and can actually be learned from a book or video–THAT, and the fact that the information is available free is part of the reason they have been included.
  4. The “Five Tibetans” are, (unsurprisingly) five exercises performed at moderate pace.   NEVER push beyond what is comfortable (remember pain staying below a “3”.)
  5. Begin with ONLY THREE REPETITIONS of each of the five exercises.  This will take less than five minutes.    Add 1-2 repetitions per week, as it feels comfortable.
  6. Go to a maximum of 21 repetitions of each. This will take you 15-20 minutes total.  Don’t go beyond 21.
  7. Once you’ve reached 21, you can “wave” the number, varying the intensity from day to day.
  8. Perform these exercises 3-7 days a week.  The strict recommendation is seven, but we’re playing a slightly different game, and 3 is fine.
  9. Take what you know of breathing: exhale on compressions, inhale on expansions.  Most importantly, BREATHE.  EXHALE.  The inhales will take care of themselves.
  10. The “Five Tibetans” will handle multiple basic fitness aspects on a basic level: flexibility, strength (upper and lower body), core strength, alignment, balance, muscular endurance and a bit of cardio (once you hit the higher numbers.)
  11. It is hard to imagine a 10-20 minute investment of time that will provide more benefits.
  12. Be smart: Each of the exercises can be modified.  It is possible to change levels, put your hands or feel higher or lower to increase or decrease the strain.  ALWAYS DO A LITTLE LESS THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN DO.   Prioritize health over fitness.
  13. If you did only the Five Tibetans 5-6 days a week, you would be lean, strong, flexible and balanced.   Combine them with Joint Mobility and you have a fantastic whole-body wellness program in a box, without spending a dime on trainers or equipment.  Add the “Five Minute Miracle”, taking what you’re learning about breathing and you have a stress-buster par excellence.  Add the Morning Ritual and you have a complete body-mind system for focus, physical and emotional health all tied together.


Are you understanding how this all works now?  Good. Because we’re about to take it up a notch.  Once you have integrated the previous pieces, which might take a week or six months (and that means you are doing at least 10 Tibetans, to be sure your body is basically integrated and healthy), you are ready to move to the next level.  And that level is FITNESS.


How far can you take this?   Honestly I’m not sure.  But…I suspect that you can take it to the 99th Percentile, all with ZERO NET TIME.   I’m sure curious.  Hope you are too!


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