Tilting Left or Right

So within two days I read movie reactions from the far Left and the far Right, or what looks that way from my perspective.  That means, of course, that I am defining myself as much as Left or Right by looking at this stuff. And I’m sanguine about that.


First was a thread commenting on “Beauty and the Beast.”    Basically, it was ripping Emma Watson apart for appearing in an “anti-feminist” tale, about a woman suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  And on into how it encourages women to remain in abusive relationships.   Okay.


The other was a complaint about the movie “Life.” It was a comment that Ariyon Bakare was cast as the lead scientist Hugh Derry because of “PC.”   Yeah, that’s right.


Now…which side of the political spectrum do you imagine these people come from?  Who do you think they voted for in the last couple of elections? Can you predict other things about them, other values and attitudes and preferences?


Yeah, I thought you could.


And if you can’t, you can probably predict what I think, and thought.  If you tilt one way or the other you might understand my problems with one, or not the other, or be ready to claim that one attitude is far more common than the other.  That one is delusional but common, the other objectionable but rare or atypical.  Lean further and you will see no problem with one, but find the other vile.


Yeah, you’re defining YOUR self.


Yeah, right. Sorry, but I see both.  And see both as dealing with dreams and nightmares about what the past was, and what the future might be.   Needless to say, they are concerned with different things.        IMO neither understands humanity very well.


I understand and empathize with both points of view, but see both as driven by anger and fear, and find both damaging in their own ways.  One triggers a bit of sadness, the other a sense that monsters are hiding behind code words.


There’s a middle path, and those who veer in either of the directions implied above are not upon it.   They are welcome to their road, but I see no joy or belief in human equality along either one.  I come very close to saying “a plague on both their houses” except that I have a little more sympathy for one than the other.  You can probably guess which.






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