Zero Net Time Part VI: The rubber meets the road


Hi!   I’m back with part VI of the “Zero Net Time” program. And where we’ve kinda stretched out previous aspects, this time we’re going to condense. Entire programs have been written, whole LIBRARIES on each of the four major pieces of this puzzle. I’m going to give you some references to look up to get you started. If you will research them, you have entered an entirely new world.


So let’s actually discuss what we’ve already given you:


  1. Joint Mobility is first. Scott Sonnon Intuflow Joint Mobility Beginner Part 1


  1. The Five Tibetans is next.  The 5 Tibetan Rites – Do it Along | Raageshwari



And you can stay here for as long as you cannot do 21 reps of the Tibetans–you are still improving, and fitness comes from staying on the “edge” between capacity and potential.  So we can add intensity to the program by “sandwiching” exercises between the two.


The full program is given now. We can modify it later, but I’ve teased you enough.

  1. Joint Mobility to warm up and relieve “sensory motor amnesia”, the tendency to actually lose proprioception if you stop paying attention to movement


2)  The next exercise is KETTLEBELL SWINGS.   The kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle, and is an entire science in itself.  If you are not ready to make that investment, you CAN use a dumbbell, but it isn’t the same, and you’ll need to be careful not to hit your knees.  The swing is an amazing whole-body exercise that teaches you to harness the power of your legs and hips.   Done properly, it is the foundation for all kettlebell “ballistic” exercises like Snatches and Cleans and “Clean and Jerk.”  You can create an aerobic effect beyond belief.  Here is a video to get you started: pavel on swings


Your protocol: 5 minutes, all the swings you can do until you can do 100, then raise the weight.  Start light, but imagine that the weight is heavy.  Starting a set every thirty seconds works nicely.

3)  Take a one minute break


4)  The next exercise is KETTLEBELL TURKISH GET UPS. An amazing exercise that takes the simple act of standing up from the floor and turns it into a multi-planar, whole-body drill that is the very definition of “functional strength”.    You won’t need much weight here–ten pounds might be enough at first.    If you can do  five minutes of continuous TGU with fifty pounds you are STRONG and FIT.   Turkish Get-Up Basics.   Your protocol: five minutes of continuous TGU, switching sides every time.  It is also possible to do what Steve Maxwell calls a “Turkish Get Down”, changing hands at the standing position instead of on the floor.


5)  FIVE TIBETANS.  Start with 3-5 repetitions of each. Add 1-2 per week, as it feels comfortable.  Once you reach 21 reps, you might experiment with other short yoga routines and see how it feels, depending upon your goals.


The above is to be done on alternate days, three times a week.  On other days, just do yoga: 10-20 minutes of Sun Salutations, Tibetans, any series of restorative movements you wish while STAYING SAFE.  Yoga is not twisting yourself into a pretzel any more than bent grass is the wind. The “pretzels” are the natural result of careful, safe progression over time.  Don’t let your ego get your butt in trouble.  NEVER go deeper than you can go without maintaining a smooth, even breath.

Get it?  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, “ZNT”–mobility, swings and  Get-ups, Tibetans.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, some short Yoga-based recovery program.

There are infinite modifications to this, but I’ll only give you one right now:  Alternate between swings and TGUs on “ZNT” days.

In other words, Monday you do mobility, swings, and Tibetans.   Wednesday you to mobility, TGU and Tibetans.  Friday you do mobility, swings, and Tibetans, and the next Monday you do mobility, TGU, and Tibetans.  Continue rotating.


Each of these elements can be “waved” and modified:

  1. Different patterns of Mobility drills, different exercises, different lengths of time.
  2. Different weights of swings, different time compressions, different lengths of time.  Alternate with snatches and C&J
  3. Different weights of TGU, different variations.  Going for reps (say, 10) rather than time.
  4. Different numbers of different Tibetans.


The possibilities are infinite.  Each of these variables can be Googled. Do so. THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE MORE BENEFITS YOU CAN GET FOR A SMALLER AND SMALLER INVESTMENT OF TIME.


  1. Always prioritize health over fitness
  2. Prioritize form over intensity.  PERFECT form is what you seek.
  3. Pain below a “3” and form above a “7” before you take intensity above a “5”
  4. Maintain smooth, even breathing throughout.  This is a primary “safety rail.”  If you cannot breathe smoothly, you are pushing too hard.  If you can…you are probably safe.


And have fun!

What you have here is a system that can take you as far as you want to go, in minimum time and maximum efficiency.  Yes, you can substitute a dumb bell for a kettlebell, but KBs give you greater “bang” for your buck.  If you ask questions after I give you the last piece, I’ll answer all I can.

Total raw investment of time?  Between 5-30 minutes a day, depending on your choices.  That means a total max of 3 hours a week.  MAX.  With serious positive results kicking in at about ONE hour a week.  A WEEK.

Combine with your “Morning Ritual” and you have just stepped through the looking glass into a world where you control you mind, body and emotions in a minimum investment of 10-20 minutes a day. Maximum investment of about 30 minutes a day. For every BASIC thing you need to get everything you want.  Want more meditation, more aerobics, more strength?  More flexibility or mobility or balance?  Faster fat burning?  You can easily add them…but all the basics are here.


Over forty years of experimentation went into this system.  I beg you to try it and report back.

And if that isn’t enough, in the next lesson I’m going to teach you the secret that really does take this all to “Zero Net Time.”  Join us!






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