The Mandela Effect and success avoidance

I just heard about something called “The Mandela Effect” where people assume that their memories of past events, when proved false, are proof of “alternative universes.”


I know someone who wants to weave this “multiple universe” theory into a “success system” where people can switch to a reality in which they are more successful.  This isn’t terribly different from The Secret, which seems to say that if you want something enough, you can create it from nothing. The universe will bend for you.


Wow.   I thought I’d weigh in, because my own thoughts have some similarities, sufficient that one could make the mistake of thinking I’d agree.   After all, I’ve studied and even lived some pretty woo-woo stuff.


But here it is: half my brain is a shaman. The other half is an artist. And the other half is a scientist. And to make it clear, none of me is a mathematician.   Meaning that I see many possibilities, know that there are things we don’t understand, and in some ways believe in magic.  But my thought is similar to Arthur Clarke: “Any sufficient advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That the universe is an insanely complex place, far more complex than our conscious minds, and that we cannot hope to “understand” it. Therefore there are always going to be effects and interrelationships that surpass our understanding, and it is good to keep your mind open to the possibility of Mystery.


After all, my own “M.A.G.I.C. Formula” is extracted from “The Science of Getting Rich” and “Think And Grow Rich”, both of which are foundational to “The Secret”, right?  Aren’t they just saying that “We become what we think about”?  And isn’t that the same thing, Steve?  Huh..?


Well…..yes and know.   How about this: “If you want something badly enough, you can create it” comes pretty close. That is NOT saying “If you want something, the universe will give it to you without effort.”  Unfortunately, people want to believe that there are “short cuts” and unfortunately, in some ways there are.  There really ARE “hacks” that make you more efficient and effective.   And there really are weird “second attention” effects where if you focus on X, Y tends to happen more frequently.  Put them together, and you get couch potatoes who want a magic pill for fitness, immature and unfocused people who want love relationships with those more keenly developed, and people with no practical or marketing skills who buy lottery tickets as the answer to their financial woes.


Magical thinking.  And every time someone suggests that there is an “easy” way to accomplish these basic things: fitness, love, success…it appeals to the childish part of us that remembers when our parents carried the load for us, when our bodies did things automatically, and when we were loved just for our potential.  As opposed to GROWING THE #$%% UP and becoming strong  and smart and healed enough to handle that stuff ourselves, so that we can provide protection and example for the next generation.


If you don’t do this, you are stealing IMO.


The M.A.G.I.C. formula is integrated into the “Morning ritual” because it works.  “Magic = Action X Gratitude X Intention X Conviction”  it covers the emotions we must have, and the actions we must take.


Which takes me back to the “If you want something badly enough, you can have it.”  What precisely does that mean?  Parse it.  I didn’t way WILL have it, because nothing is certain in life.  But “can”.  “The possibility increases”.  But then you have to ask: “how do you know when you want something `badly enough’?”


Simple.  You know when you have crossed that threshold of desire when you take sustained, daily action.   That’s the measure.  If you don’t, you don’t.


That one little mental “hack” can save your dreams. If you don’t want it enough to get your butt off the couch, your fear and lack of clarity outweigh your emotional motivation.  You have to increase your energy or focus, decrease the negative effects of fear, and find something to love about the process…or you’ll remain a child, in the world of dreams.   Goals are dreams with deadlines.






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