Another classic post…

From 2005


I noticed years ago that the rules we run our lives by reflect the world view that we develop over the years… and that that world view also reflects the rules. If I began years ago believing that “we become what we think about” and that “we don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are,” then there were certain other conclusions that were inescapable. That the model (or map) of the world we carry in our minds and hearts determines the results we get from that world, and that for that reason, there needs to be a feedback between our inner dreams and the outer world in which those dreams are pursued.

But that external world fights back–as does any false ego-image we’re carrying around. So something is needed to keep our sense of the world sharp and accurate. We must continually test the reality of our perceptions. How to do it? There must be countless ways, but I chose body, mind, and spirit. All I wanted to do was to point people in the direction of their own individual inner truths, to get them to ask the question: what would it mean if I was responsible for my results in these three arenas? What would I have to change in myself to improve those results? What would be the best way to approach that improvement?

This is my chance to try to boil down the basics of what I’ve been talking about. There is a difference between being able to sense or feel a path and being able to express it as succinctly as possible–or necessary. Here, in basic form, are the most important elements, and my reasoning. They overlap a bit, but I’m not certain I can avoid that and still present this in a useful manner.
1) The Hero’s Journey. Seen as the compiled world wisdom about the course of our lives. It implies the need for commitment, role models and companions, patience, and the abilities to deal with fear and failure.
2) The Chakras. A detailed map of the evolutionary stages of human energy. The Hero’s Journey can be viewed as the path between them.
3) Fear removal. Fear stops our growth more than everything else combined. The “Fear Removal” exercise, or its components, need to be built into our weekly routines so that we automatically process the emotional sewage as it arises.
4) Balanced Goals. Man oh man, I’ve come up with more different ways to say the same thing. The “Soulmate” process, I.D.E.A., Mind Reading… all them are pointing to the same mountain. We will hide our real damage in the place we know we won’t look. Without balanced goals, and taking responsibility for past and present results, we can spin in a circle for years (or decades!) and never know why.
5) The Flow State Performance Spiral. Coach Sonnon’s utterly brilliant body-mind link. Understand this, and you’ll know why Yoga and Tai Chi and other physical disciplines have emotional and spiritual impact.
6) Perpetual Exercise–another of the Coach’s concepts. Re-wiring your nervous system so that every breath and step is a deeper re-integration of your body-mind link. The 5MM is an implementation of this.
7) The Golden Hour. Stealing your life back from the hustle and bustle can be the most heroic journey of all. The Golden Hour is a road, beginning with one hour a week, maxing out at an hour a day. Just beginning will create massive change in your life.

These are the basics. Implementing them most simply would probably be a matter of:
1) Choosing balanced goals in all three arenas. Concentrate on the Soulmate process if possible.
2) Five times a day, breathe properly for sixty seconds, and visualize a triangle.
3) Three times a week, practice a physical discipline that is a) aerobic and b) develops flexibility in all major arcs of movement, breaking up the muscle tension locking negative emotions in the body.
4) Once a week, specifically practice the “Fear Removal” process.

I THINK that that about covers it. I am nervous about this, because the potential, if I’m right, is phenomenal. What seems to be going on is a re-connection of cultural/spiritual knowledge scattered across the globe for the last six thousand years. This may be the first time in human history when it would be possible to re-connect the dots. There must be many, many others engaged in similar work, and I feel honored to have been allowed a glimpse of this powerful path. It’s time to find out how accurate my hunch is…

-Steve Barnes,



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