ZNT: Eating for Energy

Let’s put the last major piece of the Zero Net Time puzzle together.  So far we’ve talked about the Morning Ritual, which is the pattern of thought, focus, and poken  affirmation to use WHILE IN MOTION.  It contains the elements of the “M.A.G.I.C. Formula” (extracted from Wallace D. Wattles’ “The Science of Getting Rich”) and will provide all basic components of mental, physical, and emotional alignment.  People committed to staying where they are should NOT do this.


Next, we learned to breathe, and showed how one sixty-second breathing break every three hours can keep stress from becoming strain. Add this to the Morning Ritual and you have a key to constant growth in life.


Next, we learned the two primary tools of physical health:  Scott Sonnon’s Joint Mobility and  The Five Tibetans.


And finally, we learned two families of exercise necessary to produce FITNESS:  fast (ballistics) and Slow movements (grinds).   Following a suggestion from Pavel Tsatsouline’s work, we use Kettlebell Swings (as many as you can do in five minutes, changing hands every set. When you reach 100, increase weight), and “Turkish Get Ups (when you can do ten in ten minutes, changing sides each time, increase weight).


The order would be: Joint Mobility and Tibetans until you reach 21 Tibetans. THEN “sandwich” the Swings and Get Ups between them.    There is serious flexibility built into the system: there are countless joint mobility drills.   There are other ballistics: snatches, cleans, cleans and jerks, jerks.   There are variations on the TGU.  There are variations on and within the Tibetans. No two days need ever be exactly the same. In fact they CANNOT be.




Let’s simplify our motivations, and say that our goal is to double our energy. Nice goal!  Let’s back up a step (all of this is connected) and ask “why?”  I mean, if you live the life of the mind, and have no athletic ambitions, why bother?  Well…you will need to change habit patterns and deal with negative emotions.  Both can be approached through the physical body, which “anchors” us to the earth.   If you want to be sure you’re changing, change your body. People can lie to you, or themselves about their emotional or mental changes, but you can’t lie about your body composition. It’s sitting right there. You either change it or you don’t.  And when you change your body, the rest of you comes along for the ride.


Specific to energy, you need:

  1. Proper exercise
  2. Proper mental/emotional focus
  3. Proper rest
  4. Proper nutrition.


We’ve discussed everything else.  Let’s talk nutrition.  There are COUNTLESS dietary patterns, a new bestselling book every week. I’m not going to try to compete with all of that, except to say:


  1. Anyone who says there is one eating pattern that is optimal for everyone, is probably wrong. There are too many different human cultures eating different ways.   The implication that “if you don’t eat OUR way you’re gonna die!” are probably just selling books.
  2. No matter what anyone says, physics trumps biology or psychology.  No living system breaks the basic laws of physics.  If you take in fewer calories than you burn up you WILL lose weight.  Period.  No exceptions.  There is big money in lying to you about this.
  3. That said, there are numerous complicating factors:  hormonal, lifestyle, psychological, emotional, metabolic, nutritional.   It can be HARD to balance this aspect of your life.  It is not your fault.   Our bodies haven’t gone through some kind of drastic genetic shift, but our society has changed massively: the average person can earn all the food he needs all day with one hour of sedentary work. Nothing like this has ever existed in human history, and we’re paying a big price for our success.  Our bodies are programmed to eat all we can, and be as lazy as possible.   This worked great for about 249,900  years of our history.  But the last century has seen too much shift toward couch-and-chair living.  Not your fault. But it IS your responsibility.
  4. While there are countless different eating patterns, after reading a few hundred different approaches by either nutritionists, anthropologists studying long-lived peoples or individuals who have achieved positive results, I saw something interesting I’d like to present.  I call it the INVERTED PYRAMID.  Imagine a pyramid standing on its tip. Divide it into three sections parallel to the base.   A proportion of 3:2:1 in area is what we’re looking for.  Now, roughly this means:
    1. THREE PARTS fresh fruit and vegetables to
    2. TWO PARTS complex carbohydrates to
    3. ONE PART lean proteins with
    4. VIRTUALLY NO extra fats salts, or sugars.   (You need these, but it is almost impossible to avoid them in our culture.  So if you aim at “none” without being obsessive about it…trust me, you’ll get plenty!)


This pattern isn’t something to try to achieve. It is something to aim toward.  Most diets are about the opposite.  Or at best, a kind of 1:1:1.    AIM at this, and see where you are.  The nice thing here is that once you grasp that carbs are mostly fuel (complex or simple) you can see that they aren’t evil.  If you are burning them up, you NEED them. If you aren’t burning them up, your body will store that extra fuel as fat, as if you strapped extra fuel bladders to the hood of your car.  Nothing evil, nothing mysterious.


A couple  things here:

  1. The simplest, least painful “diet” is the SMART PHONE DIET.  Just take a photo of everything you eat. Don’t even particularly try to control it.  Once you understand the “inverted pyramid” idea, simply being awake and aware will cause you to shift in the right direction.  BTW–this is a great way to measure if you have emotional blocks.  If you do, snapping a digital picture of EVERYTHING YOU EAT will be almost impossible.
  2. Long slow aerobic exercise is the LEAST efficient and effective way to lose weight.  A pound of fat is 3500 calories.   Jogging  burns about  350-400 calories per hour. That means it would take you EIGHT TO TEN HOURS to lose a pound of fat.  Our bodies are just trying to keep us alive.  They are VERY efficient.   Luckily, you have a simpler way: just by “waving” your caloric output by using a sprint/stop pattern, you shift your metabolism.   And the Zero Net Time program is a sprint/stop.  The “ballistics” portion and “grinds” simply ask you to start your set at the top of the minute (TGU) or every thirty seconds (Swings).     This has multiple positive effects, but metabolic is definitely one of them.


If you want to lose weight, you can simply compress the carbs until you are only taking in the fuel you need.  Viewed this way, no matter what style of dietary pattern you want, you are getting the vitamins and minerals (fresh fruit and veggies), building blocks (protein) and fuel you need.   Infinitely flexible, this basic notion can simply lurk in the back of your mind, and if you are affirming the body you want (Morning Ritual) and moving your body in a healthy fashion (ZNT) with the goal of doubling your energy so you can live a life of joy and passion…you are on the road.


O.K.!  Next I get to tell you  the last major piece, and how you’re going to save enough hours every week to make this all ZERO NET TIME.


Talk to you soon!



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