Triangles I’ve never spoken of

There’s something I’ve noticed in my meditations that I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned before, and am a little uncomfortable to speak of, because it sounds “woo woo.”   “The Secret”, which you know gives me a pain, by allowing people to disconnect effort from results.


Meditation usually starts in the morning, right after waking up. Listening to/feeling my heartbeat.   The, I see light floating inside myself, and try a series of different structures: overlapping or concentric circles, looking “down” along my spine from the top, or up from the bottom, etc.


One is different geometric shapes at different levels. The primary levels: belly brain, heart center, head center.


The geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle.  Sometimes circle at the heart, triangle at the base, square at the head.  Sometimes overlapping or concentric.  Sometimes a different order.  I don’t try to force it.


I have, over the years, noticed something odd (as I said before). When I visualize a triangle at my forehead level, money seems to come into my life.    I have to say this carefully, because I am not suggesting a causal relationship.  Or correlation. Or that it is anything but coincidence.   I just wanted to put it out there.  Here are some possible interpretations and thoughts.

  1. Pure coincidence.  Means nothing.
  2. When things are going well financially, for some reason my mind associates this with a triangle at head level, and pops one up.
  3. For some reason, Thinking this pattern relates to the sort of thought processes that are high-performance in the financial arena. In other words if I can do it, it suggests that in the previous weeks or months I’ve been doing the right things.
  4. That intuition knows when things are going “right” and gives me this symbol as what I’ve called a “complex equivalent”–a simple symbol representing a vast amount of complicated information, something that communicates to the emotions.


There are other possibilities, but those are the ones that pop up first.   They are all logical and reasonable.   As I’ve said, half my brain is a scientist, the other half is a shaman.  And if I went in from the other half, I’d say that creating a triangle symbol focuses my energy, which then goes out into the universe and creates what I want.


What do I think is true?   I think that a natural human being is in tune with the environment.  They feel pain and pleasure in proportion to the effectiveness and efficiency of their actions. That most of our modern malaise is the negative side-effects of all the positive change we’ve made over the last two hundred years or so.   Mostly great, with some ugly stuff that can be seen by our satisfaction with:


  1. Our relationships.  Mating should be natural.
  2. Our bodies.   The balance between intake and output should be natural.
  3. Our hunting and gathering.   Our relationship with the external world should be a natural extension of #2.


The ADVANTAGES of our post-agricultural world are many, and obvious. The costs…not so much.  An entire workshop, right there.  The point is that it seems to me that a shaman, a magician, or a natural human simply works to place their physical, mental, sexual, and emotional hungers in alignment with nature, so that the natural actions of life from awakening to sleep supply all basic needs.  We are satisfied with those basics, but also continue to investigate excellence, efficiency, effectiveness. So that slowly we peel back the mystery and progress as individuals and as a society.


A sense of playful curiosity, nurtured by doing what is IMPORTANT, not merely what is IMPERATIVE. That produces fear.  Most people are stuck there.


We bury our pain and fear and doubt and guilt. Meditation takes us in to our “basement” or “attic”, however you represent these things, and gives us a chance to sort through the detritus of our lives: our memories, values, beliefs, positive and negative emotional anchors, and allows us to line them up until, like putting the right numbers into a combination lock, we get access to that core survival energy and can channel it through the other arenas of our lives.


And that process, too complicated for the conscious mind, can be represented through symbols.  Like a triangle at your head.   The process CREATES results, but is also NURTURED by the conditions of your life.  If you are born into massive stress, you will have to do a LOT more work to create this clarity…but you are precisely the one who needs it.


It is both action and reaction.   Perhaps…it is mostly  sensitivity to the context.  Maybe you really aren’t controlling anything at all, any more than a surfer is controlling the wave. But there are a lot of waves, and a good surfer knows where to find them, and which ones to ride, and cares for his board, and makes sure he is a hell of a strong swimmer. Can hold his breath so that when the wave rolls him, he doesn’t drown.  Watches for sharks.


All in the service of riding that wave. And a person who understands none of that, none of the skill and sensitivity and work and willingness to wait for a lucky ride, might see that surfer on the wave and think they created it.  Or that they were just lucky.


I have no idea how far this metaphor goes. Whether a surfer wakes up in the morning and looks at the sky, or feels the earth, or smells the wind, and KNOWS by thousands of hours of experience and the mentorship of elders, whether today will bring a great wave, the ride of a lifetime.  I do know that it isn’t just “luck.”


Maybe…just maybe…they awaken with a feeling in their gut.  Or a triangle, floating in their minds.





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