Don’t be afraid of the questions

Many people are afraid of hard questions if they cannot already see the answers. This can lead to a “head-in-the-sand” attitude that destroys your life and dreams. Here’s a core belief system that empowers me:

1) The truth is always better.

2) There is always an answer.

3) A clearly stated problem is half-way to a solution.

4) Resolve the dualities. The problem is never in “others”. It is always found within the shadowed caverns of the human heart.

5) A clearly stated problem/solution pair brings people closer together. An answer that divides is only a temporary patch.

6) The natural state of life is to evolve. Remove the fear and pain, and a human being will grow to their next level. In that next level, apparently insoluble problems are revealed as no more impassable than lines on paper.

-Steve Barnes


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