Putting it all together, giving it all away


Wow.  So I finally put it all out there.  About 80% of everything I know about the body-mind thingie.

  1. The Chakra model of human evolution
  2. The Hero’s journey, which details the road from one level to another
  3. The Power of balance (career, fitness, relationships)  to keep “safety rails” on your process as well as teach you about your own issues, increasing intuition about the behaviors of others.
  4. Heartbeat Meditation and “The Ancient Child” for emotional healing
  5. Lining up goals and emotions, the What and the Why BEFORE you consider the “How” of something
  6. The Behavioral Modification pattern that requires repeated bursts of energy to “bump” you up the path.
  7. The pattern that actually creates energy: exercise, rest, diet, motivation.
  8. Approaches to maximizing each of these.
  9. The relationship between stress and strain, and how one sixty-second breathing break every three hours can re-wire a toxic response
  10. Focusing in on the ZNT approach to the physical components:
    1. Joint mobility
    2. Five Tibetans (and when you’re ready sandwich in:
    3. KB swings
    4. KB Turkish get-ups.
    5. On alternate days, do yoga
  11. Intermittent Fasting as the core eating plan, saving enough hours weekly to make the whole thing ZERO NET TIME.


Wow.   I realize that I just emptied myself out of a lifetime of research into these areas.  If I could only do one of these physical things?   I’d probably do joint mobility.  Maybe yoga. Maybe the “Five Minute Miracle”.  I change opinions.


But…I’ve probably spent a small fortune learning these things.  Really, really wanted to get them out to you.  The feeling is odd, like I’ve finished something. Not sure what I should do with it all, except to create the course leading you through the ZNT program.


Damn, I walked up a lot of odd dark alleys and blind alleys and read thousands of books and spent countless hours sitting at the feet of countless different teachers to gather it all.  But…there it is.


An entire life of enquiry in a couple of hundred words.


I’m a little stunned.





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