What are the Lifewriting “Principles”?

I was asked what the rules of the Lifewriting “Tribe” are.  Darned good question, and I’ve never formulated them.  They are all, I think, suggested by a couple of principles but never formalized.   I still can’t do it, but can begin the exploration.  I jotted down ten principles this morning, and will formalize and extend and refine them later.  But with the caveat that these are just VERY rough draft, here they are, with some quick thoughts.


  1. Do not think dishonetly.  If its good enough for Musashi, its good enough for me. I don’t always manage, but it is important to try.
  2. Come from love, but be strong.  I think this is a core piece.  You get completely different results when you do.  Love and Fear compete for the same place in your heart.     A road to power, and forgiveness.  We often cling to our lies to stem off fear, guilt, and retaliatory violence.  Grasping that human beings do terrible things and then justify them frees us from believing in our own superiority.  Forgiving ourselves for our flaws gives us the ability to forgive others.   Genuine gentleness stems from strength, not weakness.
  3. Human equality.  The extreme on the Left is it’s all nurture. The extreme on the Right is that it is all Nature.  There is obviously a balance, an interaction. But considering that we cannot conduct the experiments necessary to really test the theory (only an alien could probably even FORMULATE the experiment, and only an immortal Dr. Mengele could conduct it across three or four generations), considering the tribal urge to “prove” your own centrality and superiority…I find it far safer to start with the assumption of basic equality between racial/ethnic groups.  LION’S BLOOD was certainly an exploration of this notion: that nothing that happened during slavery was about unique positive or negative qualities within a group. I am not interested of notions of either black or white superiority or inferiority.  The phrase: “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” is valuable to understand this notion.
  4. Violence stems from anger, anger is a mask over fear.  Amazingly useful principle, offering direct possibilities for understanding and intervention.  Every attack is a defense.
  5. The Hero’s Journey, as we define it, is a valid perspective on the path of human progress.  Whether an inner or outer journey, whether emotional or environmental or interpersonal, we all must deal with our emotions, take actions, gather allies and learn new lessons, deal with failure, expand beyond our sense of limitations and either expand or contract.   Universal stuff, in every arena, in all cultures, for  all people.
  6. Men and women are two halves of the same organism.  We co-evolved. That means we’ve programmed and bred each other.  I’m a Selfish Gene guy: nobody is  controlling the world, no matter how much “common sense” says the opposite.    Men dominate one aspect of life, women dominate another, each have advantages and disadvantages, some obvious and some apparently invisible to the average person.  But an advantage in strength isn’t enough to keep anyone willing to die under control for very long.  Certainly not a thousand generations.  I am not interested in notions of either male or female superiority or inferiority.
  7. The seven levels of the Chakras detail the rough overview of what we seek as beings in this world: survival, sex, power, emotion, communication, knowledge, and spirit.  99.9% of people seek love, health, success. When you see something other than this, you are viewing an obstruction.  People lie about this.  The gap between the reality and the story they try to sell you shows you the wounds. The .1% of people who don’t want these things are not bothered by my assumption, any more than I care if you think I’m a Martian.
  8. Selfishness is not the problem. Defining the “self” as ending at our skin is the problem.  The ability to expand in this sense is essential to spiritual growth.  But in balance, to survive in the world it is critical to  care for your own family first.
  9. If “evil” exists, it is those actions which damage children.   Build a world that works for all our grandchildren.  Success genetically comes not from being a parent, but from producing a parent.  If there is genuine evil in the world, the closest I can come is sowing chaos rather than creating order, specifically to the end of damaging children.
  10. Our goal is ONE MILLION awake, aware, adult human beings.  The strategy is to create and support thousands of awake, aware, adult storytellers and artists.  To be awake and aware is to not be seduced by the Matrix, the web of consensual reality and social constructs that allowed us to survive as a species until this point. Like the simple rules our parents or religions gave us in childhood, we have to grasp their larger meanings and purposes and expand understanding while respecting their roots.  To be adult is to take responsibility for our emotions and actions…which powerfully influence our results. Also, though, to grasp that external success is not promised to us.  Therefore we must “succeed” by primarily understanding that what we always wanted was not “things” or even “experiences” but THE WAY WE BELIEVE THOSE THINGS WILL MAKE US FEEL.   We can create those emotions for ourselves through focus and motion.  And when we do that…we are empowered in our actions, and more likely to get the external results as well.



This is very, very broad. It can clearly be refined and expanded…or simplified, and I welcome thoughts to that end.  Apologize in advance for conflicts and errors. If you find it interesting, I’ll refine and extrapolate.  Racial and gender stuff clearly impact me  more than LGBTQ issues, disability issues, or religious issues.  But the stuff my mind floated up this morning clearly can be extrapolated.


It’s a starting point, I hope.  Thoughts?  I’m prepared to explain any of these positions.  Not “defend” or “convince”–I’m not interested in changing anyone’s mind.  Just in gathering those who see the world I see. That is more than enough.





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